😬 Meaning In Text

😬 means someone is feeling awkward.

What does 😬 mean?

Emoji 😬 is typically used by someone who is feeling awkward about what they just said. And expressing that they have hope you don’t look too far into it.

Emoji Meaning Emotion
😬 Awkward Pensive
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes
Meaning from a guy Meaning from a girl
Awkward Awkward
Year it began trending Primary community
2015 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • β€œMaybe we could… πŸ˜¬β€
    • Emotion: Awkward
    • Intention: A response from someone who is feeling pensive about a situation. And wants to show that they feel mediocre.
  • β€œI don’t know anymore πŸ˜¬β€
    • Emotion: Pensive
    • Intention: A prime example of where the person is expressing that they don’t really have a clue!

Popularity over time