😳 meaning from a girl

If a girl texts you 😳 — it means she’s totally shocked by something that you just said!

If a girl texted you the 😳 emoji

When a girl texts you the 😳 emoji, it’s her way of saying, “You just said something completely shocking.” Or it could be a reaction to a photograph to you sent her (like if he’s feeling shocked by it in a flirtatious way).

Emoji Meaning Emotion
😳 Shocked and in awe Shocked

Examples and other meanings

  • Woah 😳
    • Emotion: In awe
    • Intention: Potentially a reaction to a photograph that you sent him
  • 😳😳😳
    • Emotion: Flirtatious with you
    • Intention: A reaction where they are feeling shocked by you!

Popularity over time