🙃 meaning from a guy

If a guy texts you 🙃 — it means he’s saying, “Told you so.”

If a guy texted you the 🙃 emoji

When a guy texts you the 🙃 emoji, it’s his way of suggesting that you should have listened to him and done what he said. It’s like a sassy way of him saying, “Yeah, okay, I told you so!”

Emoji Meaning Emotion
🙃 I told you! Sassy and sarcastic

Examples and other meanings

  • Well, who told you that would happen? 🙃
    • Emotion: Sarcastic.
    • Intention: We are seeing that he wants to shove something in your face!
  • 🙃 Not saying anything
    • Emotion: Being sassy.
    • Intention: Him telling you that she was right!