🙄 meaning from a girl

If a girl texts you 🙄 — it means that she’s saying, “Oh brother.” She might be slightly annoyed!

If a girl texted you the 🙄 emoji

When a girl texts you the 🙄 emoji, it’s like she’s telling you that something you said is slightly annoying. Or that you’re being too playful with her and that she’s not in the mood to do that with you!

Emoji Meaning Emotion
🙄 Oh brother Slightly annoyed

Examples and other meanings

  • Can you not right now! LOL 🙄
    • Emotion: Slightly annoyed.
    • Intention: Trying to be playful with you but also a little bit annoyed.
  • Umm. 🙄
    • Emotion: Annoyed.
    • Intention: Another example where she’s a little bit annoyed with you.