🥰 meaning from a guy

If a guy texts you 🥰 — it means that he’s feeling very loved by you.

If a guy texted you the 🥰 emoji

When a guy texts you the 🥰 it’s him telling you that something you said or did is making him feel very loved. It’s like he’s telling you, “I love you,” but without having to say it. It’s a positive and good thing that he texted you this.

Emoji Meaning Emotion
🥰 Feeling loved Loved

Examples and other meanings

  • I’m glad you liked it. 🥰
    • Emotion: Happy and playful.
    • Intention: Trying to tell you he’s feeling affectionate.
  • 🥰 You’re everything.
    • Emotion: Happy and flirty.
    • Intention: Another example where he’s being flirty with you.