🥴 meaning from a guy

If a guy texts you 🥴 — it’s like he’s telling you that something you said is making him cringe.

If a guy texted you the 🥴 emoji

When a guy texts you the 🥴 emoji, it means that he’s a little bit cringed out by something that you just said. It’s like him making an awkward face with you. And not sure about how to respond to you.

Emoji Meaning Emotion
🥴 Cringed Playful

Examples and other meanings

  • Ummm. 🥴
    • Emotion: Awkward
    • Intention: Not sure about something that you just said.
  • Who would say something like that? 🥴
    • Emotion: Feeling cringed.
    • Intention: Another example where he’s being playful with you.