Meaning In Text

meansbeing feminine.

What does mean?

Emoji is used when a woman is trying to showhow feminine she is.

For example, someone might end a message with a blue butterfly emoji when they want to show that they are beingsoftandendearingtoward you.

Emoji Meaning Emotion
Feminine and endearing Soft
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes
Meaning from a guy Meaning from a girl
Not often used by men Feminine and endearing
Year it began trending Primary community
2019 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • Yes, I cant wait to see you.
    • Emotion: Playful
    • Intention: This example shows a woman who is texting that wants to express beingsoftandlovingtoward someone.
  • You are everything to me.
    • Emotion: Soft
    • Intention: Another example where a woman might use it to try and allude to being connected on a spiritual level.

Popularity over time