🫰 Meaning In Text

🫰 means either a heart or money.

What does 🫰 mean?

Emoji 🫰 is actually a small heart when you see the index and thumb crossed. Another use of the emoji is when people are referring to money. Because it’s like the two fingers rubbing together, which is a common hang gesture for money.

Emoji Meaning Emotion
🫰 Heart / Money Unique
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes
Meaning from a guy Meaning from a girl
Heart Heart
Year it began trending Primary community
2017 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “Do you have my money?! 🫰”
    • Emotion: Reference
    • Intention: An example where we can see someone using the hand gesture referring to money.
  • “ILU! 🫰“
    • Emotion: Loving
    • Intention: A unique example where someone is using the index finger and thumb emoji to refer to a small little heart.

Popularity over time