AWH Meaning In Text

“AWH” doesn’t have a definition, it is an expression to show cuteness or “aww.”

What does AWH mean?

It means that someone is feeling affectionate and loved toward you. Another way to saw “aww.”

Let’s presume you sent someone a text message that was really cute. And they responded, “awh!” It means that they find that message EXTRA cute. And that your mission was accomplished!

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
AWH Another way to saw “aww” Affection / Love
Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “AWH! What? Are you serious?”
    • Emotion: Loved
    • Intention: Expressing that whatever happened is making them feel very positive and loved
  • “AWH I can’t believe that you did that for her!
    • Emotion: Shock
    • Intention: Adding something extra to the message about how the person is feeling. Usually in context to something that happened or was said.

Popularity over time