BFFR Meaning In Text

“BFFR” stands for “Be F#cking For Real.”

What does BFFR mean?

Abbreviation “BFFR” means “Be F#cking For Real.” It’s someone who is frustrated and asking for honesty out of the other person they are having a conversation with.

It is considered inappropriate to use at work. And it is not considered safe for children to use since it includes profanity in the meaning of the abbreviation.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
BFFR Be F#cking For Real Frustration
Safe for work Safe for children
No No
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
Be F#cking For Real Be F#cking For Real
Year it began trending Primary community
2018 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “BFFR, what are you doing!?”
    • Emotion: Question
    • Intention: This example, the question can also show signs of frustration by the other person who is looking for honesty out of them.
  • “I was like, BFFR! LOL!”
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Intention: What we can see in this example is the “BFFR” can get used to express that someone is being ridiculous and the texter seems to know better.

Popularity over time