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Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Can Magic Mushrooms Be Smoked? Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or simply shrooms, are mostly consumed orally and eaten raw. Although there are still many ways to prepare these magic mushrooms for consumption to suit the palettes and/or needs of whoever may be consuming them. Is there a way to smoke magic mushrooms while consuming food in addition to ensuring a successful experience every time?

Methods of ingestion

Psilocybin mushrooms’ disagreeable flavor and texture encourage ingenuity in adjusting one’s sensory perception.There are numerous mushroom recipes and preparation methods available online. Phrases like “blue juice” and “lemon juice” often appear as the first recipes for success for those of us who want our mushrooms to taste better. These methods are also popular as ways to maintain the potency and shelf life of whatever amount of mushrooms an individual has available.

Of course, an entire industry is quickly growing around psilocybin-infused sweet treats. Shroom chocolate of all kinds, shapes and varieties is on its way to becoming a ‘thing’, a common way to relax and unwind. Can Magic Mushrooms Be Smoked?

We rarely actually smoke psilocybin mushrooms, but many of us have thought of doing so.
When considering mushroom inhalation, users are frequently worried about diminished effects or possibly lung or throat harm. However, that does not imply that you cannot do it and experience emotion.

effects of psilocybin mushroom smoking

mushroom in a forest


By grinding up mushrooms similar to cannabis or tobacco and adding them to a spiff, joint or bowl, inhaling the strong and often inflammatory smoke will actually have some effects. These effects are certainly minor compared to the effects of actual consumption by chewing and digesting magic mushrooms, and will be felt immediately.

Users who smoke magic mushrooms will experience a similar psycho activity to ingesting them, but it will not seem as strong. Perhaps for all magic mushroom users looking for a “light” or more manageable dose compared to ingestion, the act of smoking psilocybin mushrooms might be a good fit. However, as already mentioned, the risks of sore throat and lungs from smoking spore-based biomass may remain even longer than high.

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