Can Magic Mushrooms Really Kill You?

Can Magic Mushrooms Really Kill You? Are Magic Mushrooms Truly Deadly? For ages people have been utilizing mushrooms often called ” shrooms” or simply “shrooms.”  50 years after the first dispensaries opened in the west, the marijuana sector is now seeing exponential growth, with anything from local dispensaries in California to entire chains creating national brands like Funguyz mushroom chocolates in Canada.         

At the very core lies the need for understanding the potential consequences, no matter how safe or unsafe the product is.

Can You Die From Shrooms?

Shrooms will make you hallucinate, feel elated, ecstatic even, change your mood or even affect your perspective on life. However, you’re highly unlikely to die.

In pure theory, you’ll have to consume 19 grams of pure Psilocybin to get a lethal dose. It’s important to note that mushrooms are usually about one percent Psilocybin by weight.

Therefore, it would take 1.9 kilograms of mushrooms for you to overdose and pass away. And for one user, that is an absurdly large number of mushrooms.

Your main concern shouldn’t be an overdose in the conventional sense, but rather a bad trip, which is an overdose that affects your consciousness rather than your body.

Ever heard of the early psychonautic experiences? You should try to avoid dying repeatedly in a poor trip while hallucinating because that’s what it feels like: an unending nightmare a legit reason to dose your shrooms carefully. How Long Does it Take For Shrooms to Kick In?

What Are Some Symptoms Of a Shroom Poisoning?

Now, let’s talk about the lethal danger — poisoning. Depending on the species, these symptoms may vary, but these are some significant things to watch out for:

Abdominal pain;
Excessive sweating;
Kidney failure;
Low blood sugar;
Mucus in the lungs;
Muscle spasms;
Muscle pain;
Slow heart rate.

When symptoms appear after two hours, mushrooms are frequently less harmful than when symptoms appear after six hours. Some of these dangerous species of mushrooms include Amanita, Gyromitra, and Cortinarius (O’Mailey, G. and O’Mailey, R. 2018 ). These signs relate to all mushrooms, not even necessarily psychedelic (but if you prefer to keep it as natural as it gets and go mushroom hunting in the woods, and not order them from a reputable dispensary nearby, knowing these symptoms shall come in handy). Can Magic Mushrooms Really Kill You?

In Cases Of Overdose, What Do I Do?

white mushroom in a dark background

It’s best to seek medical attention ASAP. If you truly suffer from mushroom poisoning or a magic mushroom overdose, you require medical assistance. It’s not something to take lightly. Psilocybe Natalensis mushroom (Blue Meanies)

Why Do People Even Use Shrooms?

In times psychedelics had a role, in religious practices. Through rituals and ceremonies conducted by shamanic communities mushrooms were used to transport individuals into alternate realms. The purpose was to experience visions connect with the afterlife or establish a connection, with powers.

In times many people use these substances for purposes or to enhance their mental state. These types of mushrooms are naturally found in South America, Mexico and parts of the United States. They can be consumed either fresh, dried or brewed into tea for their effects. Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

How Do Magic Mushrooms Work?

When consumed Psilocybin, the compound undergoes a transformation, into Psilocin. This chemical then travels to the brain where it prevents the re-absorption of serotonin leading to an increase, in its activity.

Psilocin essentially mimics serotonins chemistry. Has the ability to interact with and activate receptors in the brain. As a result of this heightened stimulation, individuals who use mushrooms may experience hallucinations. While many find this experience enjoyable it is worth noting that some users have reported having episodes well.

How Do Magic Mushrooms Affect You?

You’ll start to feel euphoric and you might possibly start having hallucinations about 30 minutes after consuming magic mushrooms. Why? Well, Psilocybin causes your brain to rearrange its neural networks temporarily. After a few minutes, you’ll start seeing your environment differently. Albino A+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

How Long Does The Mushroom Effect Last?

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The duration of magic mushrooms in your body is between 6 and 8 hours. However, this depends on the number of mushrooms you consume.

Any Side Effects To Taking Magic Mushrooms?

There are no adverse effects, as we previously stated. When you eat more than your body can take, though, you can get agitated, worried, and unsteady. Heck! You might even freak out. This is known as a Bad trip.

Are They Addictive?

The fact that psychedelics do not cause addiction is one of its wonderful qualities. After consuming one or two mushrooms, no one feels the need for the next fix. That’s not how it works. Can Magic Mushrooms Really Kill You?

However, magic mushrooms can cause tolerance. In words you may need amounts to achieve the desired outcome. Unfortunately this could increase the risk of experiencing side effects and overdosing.

Closing Remarks

Studies have indicated that besides their mind altering properties these edible products offer advantages. While it is generally safe, for consumption some individuals tend to use it. Nonetheless it remains a solution, to human needs.