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Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Cannabis Packaging

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Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Cannabis Packaging. Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Cannabis Packaging. When it comes to cannabis whether you are growing it, selling it, or smoking it you will come to find it is far from boring. From the plants’ uplifting and euphoric side effects, its ever-dynamic growing methods, and the competitive nature within the industry you are sure to find some entertainment on one side of the spectrum or the other.

That said, your cannabis packaging design needs to set a show-stopping standard to get noticed and compete on the shelves of the growing industry. Regardless of what cannabis-related product you are branding this article will introduce you to the newest compliant creative ways to spice up your cannabis packaging and provide the top tips to be successful and anything but ordinary.

Unique Cannabis Packaging Designs: The Best in The Canna-business 

It is time to get creative, creative with your cannabis that is! Cannabis compliance is an ever-changing struggle that leaves cannabis brands on their toes throughout the whole growing season, but just because your custom weed jars have to remain compliant doesn’t mean they can’t be totally freakin’ cute. You need to work with compliance not against it and sometimes the little ins and outs of following the rules are best left to the most experienced in the game. In truth, working with a professional custom branding team that has a track record for building licensed cannabis brands from the ground up ain’t such a bad idea. 

Some packaging companies have amazing high-quality printing and in-house design teams that can seriously take your packaging to the next level (affordably and compliantly). Afterall, slapping a logo on a ziplock just won’t cut it anymore and you didn’t do all this hard work for nothing. Finishing strong with your weed packaging designs and enhancing the overall look using packaging psychology tips from the pros will help you produce not just weed packaging you’re proud of but weed packaging that sells. Make a custom weed bag look like a work of art and have it represent your brand and company’s vision while taking the worry of compliance off the table.

Creative Cannabis Packaging: Capitalizing on Custom 

Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Cannabis Packaging

It is time to capitalize on custom and create something unique that stands out! Surely you can’t please everyone, but you can target a vast number of consumers with consistent, compliant, and creative cannabis packaging. Grab the local’s attention with your sun-grown product and sustainable 100% recyclable custom vape cart boxes.

Then, add to this designer weed packaging method with an embossed logo, custom color sets, and a high-tech child-resistant push button lock. Use this unique form of packaging as a creative canvas that makes the product they are smoking even more special. Your weed package design can express your brand, voice, and vision in bold colors and fonts, intricate detailing, and top-quality packaging materials at wholesale prices. 

Custom vape cart boxes are a great packaging method with a sleek design, flawless look, and environmentally friendly way to source cannabis for your consumer. Not selling vape carts or looking to add versatility in not just your packaging design but your product sales? Thankfully, cool cannabis packaging designs are not limited to flower and vape products but instead are actually more effective for edibles and pre-rolls. A great way to get creative with your packaging while also stepping outside of the “vape cart box” is custom tins

A fabulous way to draw attention to your product and look good doing it is custom tins for pre-rolls and edibles! Changing the game in the world of plastic packaging this form of storage is smell proof and keeps what’s inside that right off the plant freshness. Jump on the environmentally friendly train trend while storing your product in a durable lightweight case that creates the perfect space for exposing your brand’s aesthetic. Check this list of reasons why tins are a trend that isn’t going out of style

Little List of Why We Love Custom Tins For Edibles and Pre-rolls in a Big Way 

• Durable and sleek in design 

• Perfect space to rep your brand 

• Child-resistant and smell proof 

• Sustainable and 100% recyclable 

• Completely Compliant 

• Unique material made to last 

Custom Cannabis Packaging Designs: Tips To Proper Packaging

Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Cannabis Packaging

When it comes to custom you can have everything you want, but some believe too much of a good thing ain’t all that great. That said, to narrow down the playing field the best in the business want to fill you in on what is available to you in today’s market. Let’s take a look at some key cannabis packaging tips that inspire consumers to pick your product every time. 

First, keep your custom cannabis packaging designs unique, attractive, and consistent. The overall feel and look of your packaging should line up with what you stand for and who you are! When customers see your product line it should feel familiar and recognizable. Being loyal to your look builds a loyal customer base. 

Second, keep the packaging creative enough to draw attention to your brand, but don’t forget to focus on durability and discretion. Create and customize a product built to last that targets your audience in particular. It should keep your product fresh, dry, safe, and discreet. Custom weed jars are perfect for this, because it keeps your product safe and you can build a show-stopping logo or subtle design around your product. Not to mention, they are ideal for storage and great as gifts! 

Third, not everyone knows and understands cannabis products! Whether it is a consumer new to the cannabis game or a design company that doesn’t specialize in the industry, not everyone is knowledgeable about cannabis and cannabis-related products. When building a brand and creating your designs remember that some customers will need more instruction and information. Don’t leave this out in labeling make sure both novice and avid cannabis consumers know how to use your product

Four, Don’t forget to show off a little bit of your voice and vision! The magic of cannabis has already spent enough time hiding in the shadows. Create a feeling with your packaging that is harmonious with the product inside. You can be bold, fun, and uplifting! You can be organic, safe, and discreet, the choice is yours!