Does Marijuana Make You a Better Runner?

Does Marijuana Make You a Better Runner? Olympic sprinters use marijuana to relax. Tough ultramarathon racers use the herb to induce a sense of flow. But should marijuana have a role in your exercise routine? And is it prudent or dangerous to utilize it right before going for a jog? Before igniting joints, read the information below to learn everything you need to know.

People from many different nations utilize marijuana as part of their everyday lives or before going for a run. However, access to the herb is significantly simpler for runners in some areas. For instance, people in the United States and Canada enjoy the luxury of entering dispensaries and obtaining some of the best items obtainable anywhere.

Let’s return our attention to the United States, where about 50 million people run regularly. Just under 50 million people used marijuana at least once in 2019. There is definitely some overlap between these two groups, you better believe it! Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted among runners of various athletic categories, from top sprinters to those who are a part of the edgier ultramarathon subculture. But does consuming or inhaling on the plant enable these runners to perform to their fullest potential? Or does it impair their ability to breathe?


“Runner’s High”: When Marijuana and Exercise Have the Same Effects

Interestingly, many runners are drawn to weed because it offers them a similar reward as going for a run. Seriously! Whether using the herb enhances their physical performance or helps them to recover during the aftermath, it certainly results in a similar neurochemical state. How To Drink Weed Wine

You probably experienced the “runner’s high” at some point throughout your training if you’ve ever taken up running, even for a little time. Many runners eventually break through and enjoy a delightful sense of happiness and euphoria despite experiencing varied degrees of physical agony while running. It was originally believed that endorphins, which are produced by the body and resemble opioid molecules, are primarily to blame for these effects. But now, scientists are aware that endocannabinoids  are crucial to the experience.

Investigating the Science of Running and Cannabis

Untold amounts of money are spent investigating strategies to boost athletic performance every year. It determines reputations, financial rewards, and even the prestige of entire nations! However, there is still a dearth of information on cannabis use in sports. It is currently unknown if cannabis works as an ergogenic aid. Early studies suggest that THC may have a deleterious effect on heart homeostasis whereas CBD may help with physical discomfort and sleep quality.

Do Professional Runners Consume the Herb?

It helps to look at the best of the best when analyzing the advantages of marijuana use and athletics. Take Michael Phelps, a swimmer who has won 28 medals. Would this man have kept on burning if it began to overshadow his amazing swimming accomplishments? Sha’Carri Richardson, perhaps? She is still an elite athlete who used the drug despite being disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics due to a positive THC test. Many marathon runners are also emerging from hiding to say that marijuana has a place in their training plan.

The Possibilities of Running High

When it comes to using cannabis for sports performance, science has only just begun. But a lot of weekend warriors, amateur athletes, and even professional runners take the herb to what seems like their advantage. So before examining some of the potential drawbacks, let’s go over some of the purported benefits. Does Cannabis Aid in Migraine Treatment?

A Sharper Focus

Running while high could help you concentrate more. This benefits both competitions and training sessions. A person can prevent unwanted distractions during an event by having better focus. Some people find it easier to stay on schedule when they are training.

  • State of Flow

The flow state is common among long-distance runners who pound the pavement or meander through trails. This takes the form of an intensely immersive experience that keeps a person laser-focused on the work at hand. The mind gets fixed on each and every action and breath as everything outside of the present instant dissolves. Some runners contend that consuming cannabis prior to a run makes it easier for them to achieve this state.

  • Stress

    Athletic performance can be impacted by stress\ because it reduces blood supply to the muscles and heightens tiredness. Before a lengthy training run or race, stress frequently creeps in, but some runners are able to combat it by utilizing stretches that help to relax their nerves.

The Drawbacks of Running High

When it comes to practice or performance, running while intoxicated does show some promise. But there are some drawbacks to smoking blunts before a race that we must discuss. 

weakened motor control

High cannabis doses have been shown to impair motor control[8]. Running in its many forms requires a synchronized neurological system. Sprinting requires precise timing of an explosive contraction, and negotiating a challenging downhill terrain lined with exposed rocks and roots takes substantial coordination. What Is The Strongest Strains of Weed?

  • Sugary Tongue and Hunger

    Cannabis usage can dry out the mouth, although it doesn’t always result in dehydration. This can make running uncomfortable and possibly make a runner drink more water than they should. A serious case of the munchies during a protracted trail race will also divert a runner and might affect their dietary plan.

  • Lung Wellness

    Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, including orally and sublingually. Smoking is still one of the most common, though. Contrary to popular belief and prejudice in cannabis-loving communities, research indicates that smoking the drug is linked to airway inflammation, airway resistance, and lung hyperinflation. The final line is that you shouldn’t smoke a bong or a blunt just before a race or a challenging training run.

Running and Blazing: How to Approach Things

If you decide that consuming cannabis during practice or an event is right for you, take into account the crucial information below.


When using cannabis, keep the following things in mind before a race or training run:

  1. Take it easy and start out slowly. Just a few puffs from your vape or a modest dosage of oil to start before leaving the house. It’s preferable to feel less intoxicated than you would like than to become overheated and stop exercising. Build up gradually over time for the best outcomes.
  2. Plan ahead: It’s no secret that marijuana can impair memory. Before you start vaping or taking a dose, be sure you have everything ready. Make sure to pack your backpack, have food and water on hand, and have your phone and headphones charged and safely tucked away in your pockets.
  3. Choose your strain wisely: As you begin to combine cannabis and running, stay away from extreme strains. Work your way up from a reasonably potent strain at first. Aside from potency, experiment with genotypes that offer various concentrations of unique cannabinoids and terpenes to determine which effects you prefer.


When you slow down to a walking pace and put your running watch away, the combination of marijuana and running need not end. Find out how to utilize marijuana after the race:

  1. Blaze to unwind: After a lengthy run, you’ll feel both physically and mentally exhausted. Cannabis is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation. So why not utilize it specifically for this goal to relax your muscles and mind?
  2. Increase your appetite: Cannabis is a powerful appetite stimulant. You’ll need a significant amount of protein after your run more than anything else. However, this macro nutrient is quite filling and occasionally difficult to eat. You can benefit from marijuana in this situation!
  3. We don’t advise blazing up right away. Instead, rehydrate and take a shower. First, take a shower and rehydrate. So you may relax afterwards guilt-free and without breaking a sweat.

Is It Safe to Smoke Pot Before a Run?

Not suitable for all. According to research, THC can make some people’s hearts beat faster and their blood pressure rise. No matter how contentious it may seem, it’s crucial to talk with your doctor before combining cannabis with jogging if you have any health issues or are on any medications. Smoking Weed While Sick: Is it a Good Idea?

Running and marijuana: A Powerful Combination?

There is currently no conclusive evidence that cannabis improves running performance because the research is still in its early stages. However, the herb is regularly used by a lot of top athletes. Additionally, not every runner who runs for fun trains to set records. Instead, they utilize it as a way to decompress from the stress of everyday life, and the addition of cannabis to the mix increases their level of enjoyment. So, when will you start using marijuana—before, during, or after—to run?