DWS Meaning In Text

“DWS” stands for “Dealing With Sh#t”

What does DWS mean?

DWS can have multiple meanings: dealing with sh#t, dats wassup, and something else that I don’t want to bring up. Most commonly, it’s when someone is telling you they are going through a difficult situation (and usually need time away).

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
DWS Dealing with sh#t Frustration
Safe for work Safe for children
No No

Examples and other meanings

  • “Yeah, sorry I’ve been MIA, just been DWS!”
    • Emotion: Informative
    • Intention: They’re letting you know that they’re going through some things right now.
  • “We are just DWS! It will pass.”
    • Emotion: Energetic
    • Intention: If someone is trying to should encouraging—like telling you a storm in life will pass, they might use “DWS!”

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