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Effective Branding For Cannabis Businesses

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Effective Branding For Cannabis Businesses. As more states legalize cannabis and federal legalization seems inevitable, more cannabis businesses are popping up across the country.

Strong branding should attract investors who see your business’s potential and attract customers to come into your store. 

And, as with any product, being able to promote a distinctive brand identity is a critical factor for success.

An effective brand identity should be instantly recognizable everywhere and should pique the interest of consumers. Crafting brand identity isn’t easy. Along with the values and backstory for the brand, many design elements have to be considered – color, symbolization, and catchphrases.

A company’s brand identity should leave a positive, memorable impression that sets the tone for your business. 

Developing these elements usually begins in a brainstorming session. Following some basic guidelines can help to ensure successful brainstorms.

  • Maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm. Fake it if you have to. Even make-believe enthusiasm is contagious and becomes real soon enough.
  • Encourage everyone to contribute. Remove the status in the room and consider everyone an equal.
  • No idea is “bad” or too small. Enable the power of “Yes, and” to develop half of an idea into a full-grown idea. 
  • Put every idea on the board. Later, go back, discuss the values the company stands for, and edit.

Even simple modifications can have an impact. Painting your storefront to match the colors on your logo sends a cohesive message. Making sure to have the interior decoration match the intended atmosphere (cozy coffee house, vibrant social scene, or pristine medical dispensary) puts customers at ease.

Finally, how and where a brand is advertised is also critical for its long-term success. Pay attention to local and state regulations regarding advertisements since some states have banned cannabis advertising in public spaces.

A clear focus on social media is an integral part of branding. Matching your Twitter handle with Instagram and Facebook is an essential step. Since some social meta sites have strict rules regarding content featuring cannabis so Berner, rapper and cannabis entrepreneur, collaborated with WeedMaps to create “Instagram of Marijuana.”

Designing an easy-to-use website that is also consistent with the overall design aesthetic is essential.  

Most larger companies use data and analytics to target a specific audience. This technique is highly effective at finding the customer base in your area interested in your product. The ongoing challenge is breaking through the constant “noise” of online advertising and for younger consumers, feeling connected to the company they purchase from builds brand loyalty. To do that, sharing your story and building that connection will attract loyal customers. 

Building a solid cannabis brand is a long and challenging process. If you can design a brand that is cohesive across multiple platforms, tells a story, strives for a connection to customers, and stands out, you will be well on your way to success. One way to stand out is with custom packaging.