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Filter Tips: How To Roll With One & Why Are They Necessary?

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Filter Tips: How To Roll With One & Why Are They Necessary? The art of rolling a joint isn’t lost. Though it’s more convenient than ever to twist one up, it’s always handy to know how to roll a joint without the aid of technology or the convenience of dispensaries.

These days, there aren’t that many people smoking joints without a filter tip. Smoking blunts or joints without a filter is a sure way to ensure that bits of weed enter your mouth with each puff. It’s an unpleasant experience, especially if you’re looking to light up.

The market for joint filters is just as broad as it is for rolling papers and blunts. Most paper brands, like RAW and OCB, boast various filters to go with their papers.

Do You Need A Filter For A Joint, Spliff Or Blunt?

Filter Tips: How To Roll With One & Why Are They Necessary?

Not necessarily, though it certainly boosts the experience. Between the resin build-up from burning cannabis and the possibility of ground weed getting stuck in your teeth, a filter — or crutch — can prevent both of these issues from happening. A crutch is often available as a thick paper that can be rolled up and serve as a mouthpiece for a joint. They help with providing structure to joints and keeping the smoke smooth. Filters also help prevent fingertips from getting burnt at the end of the joint. However, we should note that they are available in different forms and materials, some reusable. 

Understanding how to use a pre-rolled tip in a joint will elevate the experience. Pre-roll joints typically have a formed crutch similar to where a filter would be on a cigarette. However, the methods of manually rolling weed rely on personal preference. For recreational smokers, it’s a matter of trial and error. For businesses, it boils down to understanding your customers and brand. Paper filters are the standard across the industry — easily accessible, rolled up into a cylinder that works as a mouthpiece. Then, there are glass tips which are smooth and environmentally-conscious options that can be cleaned and reused.

How To Roll With A Filter Tip?

Filter Tips: How To Roll With One & Why Are They Necessary?

Using a filter tip is relatively easy, whether rolling a joint by hand or a pre-roll machine. Any machinery intended for rolling joints will primarily need you to fill the contents into the equipment — paper for joints and filters –, and it’ll take care of the rest. Still, getting comfortable with the machinery is essential to learn how to make a pre-rolled joint in mass

The question remains: how to roll with pre-rolled tips by hand? Some people prefer to twist up their joints with the filter tip already in, while others squeeze it into the end after they finish rolling. Individual techniques dictate the way you feel comfortable twisting up. However, if you roll with a filter, it becomes easier to fit the joint properly. 

Rolling with a filter tip is not necessary, but it’s certainly one way to enhance the smoking experience. However, it’ll be hard to find pre-rolled joints on the market without one.