GN Meaning In Text

“GN” stands for “goodnight.”

What does GN mean?

“GN” means “goodnight.”

If someone is closing out a text message or a conversation with you, they might say “GN” instead of saying “goodnight.”

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
GN Goodnight Cute
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes


  1. “GN, sweet dreams!”
    • Emotion: Warmth
    • Context: This use of “GN” expresses an interest in having a good night.
  2. “I’m so tired. GN, talk to you tomorrow.”
    • Emotion: Exhaustion
    • Context: In this message, “GN” signifies that the sender is tired of the conversation.
  3. “GN, my love. I miss you.”
    • Emotion: Affection
    • Context: Here, “GN” is used to convey love and a sense of missing the other person.
  4. “GN, don’t worry about it. Everything will be okay.”
    • Emotion: Reassurance
    • Context: Used to provide a sense of comfort for the other person by saying “GN.”