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How Much Lion’s Mane Should You Take?

How Much Lion’s Mane Should You Take? Lion’s mane is a functional mushroom that promises to balance your general well-being if its proper dose is taken. Learn why in this article. 

For centuries, the Chinese have been accessing the powerful functional properties of lion’s mane. In recent years, the West has also adopted this functional ingredient – providing powders, supplements, and other food ingredients to support restoring mental and physical well-being.

Lion’s mane has a powerful influence on the body’s cognitive functions – it may help to balance energy levels, support the immune system, stabilize an individual’s mood, and promote healthy digestion.

In this blog post, we will discuss what lion’s mane is, the benefits of implementing into your supplement routine, and how much lion’s mane to take to introduce your body to the proper lion’s mane dosage. If you’re curious about this alternative supplement, keep reading! Improved health and state of mind are just around the corner.

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What Is Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s mane is a type of mushroom. You might wrongly associate lion’s mane with the famed ‘magic mushroom’, which provides users with a transcendent hallucinatory experience. However, this mushroom does not have any hallucinatory aspects, nor does it cause any hallucinatory side effects.

The lion’s mane mushroom is native to North America, Europe, and Asia. This mushroom usually grows from the bark of a tree with elongated spines. Their large, fuzzy, white appearance gives them their ‘lion’s mane’ name.

In traditional Chinese herbalism, this mushroom was used for its functional properties and was believed to fortify the gut and spleen.

Research is being performed on the other good health benefits offered by lion’s mane. Products are also being made to help people in taking lion’s mane at the correct dosage, safely, and effectively to support their overall health.

What Are Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Used For?

Many benefits come from incorporating lion’s mane into your diet. Using the proper lion’s mane dosage, you may receive the following health benefits:

  • Promotes your brain power, including your focus and your memory
  • Can help to support the nerve growth factor, cognitive function and provide mental clarity
  • Supports your overall mood and can uplift it too
  • Supports your gut health—the polysaccharides inside lion’s mane act as prebiotics, which are helpful for supporting the gut and your overall health and wellness
  • It may support your cardiovascular system
  • Offers antioxidant support to the body
  • Promotes higher energy levels
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels in already normal ranges
  • Supports the healthy functions of adrenals and thus, your body’s natural ability to deal with occasional stress
  • May facilitate the body’s natural inflammatory response post-workout or with other normal activity
  • Offers nourishment for brain health
  • Promotes your immune health and overall immune system
  • Helps to promote your overall sense of well-being

What Is The Proper Dosage Of Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

If you’ve decided to try this alternative functional ingredient, you need to know what lion’s mane dosage to take. Lion’s mane causes no psychoactive effects, as it does not contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound that gives mushrooms their psychoactive effects.

If you want to use a lion’s mane mushroom daily, you should use between 2-4 grams. If you want to take a lion’s mane extract, you should take between 250-1,000 milligrams daily.

If you’re new to lion’s mane, we recommend starting with a small dose of your supplement and increasing the amount as your body adjusts to the recommended dosage.

How To Introduce Lion’s Mane To Your Diet?

There are many different forms of lion’s mane extracts to choose from. You should read about all of the available lion’s mane products before you make a decision. Choose the product that you think will be the easiest to incorporate into your daily rituals.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate lion’s mane into your dietary supplementation routine is to take capsules.

Capsules are easy to ingest, and you won’t have to set aside any time for preparation. And since your body takes time to digest each capsule, you’ll feel the health benefits of this functional mushroom gradually over the course of your day.

How much lion’s mane capsule should you take? We recommend taking two 500 mg capsules every day (for a total of 1000 mg). With no preparation time or foul taste, capsules make your lion’s mane mushroom consumption more accessible than ever!

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Supplement Powder

Supplement powder is an excellent choice for those who already implement tea, coffee, smoothies, or protein shakes into their daily routine. The lion’s mane supplement comes in powder form, so you can quickly stir, blend, or shake it into your favorite beverage.

Supplement powder is an excellent choice for those who prefer to avoid taking lion’s mane capsules. The lion’s mane mushroom powder works faster than the capsules too. If you take a lion’s mane capsule, your stomach acid will need to break the tablet form down to access the extracts. With the lion’s mane supplement powder, this is no longer necessary.

So, if you like a morning smoothie or a night-time moon milk, consider adding a lion’s mane mushroom supplement powder to your beverage. Functional mushroom supplement powders come in many different flavors to suit your favorite beverage’s taste profile.

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Tinctures are a great way to consume your daily dose of Lion’s Mane. Not only do they have a higher absorption rate, but you’ll also enjoy their vibrant taste and multifaceted usage.

When looking at dosage for a tincture, it’s important to look at the ratio of the weight of the herb or mushroom (Lion’s Mane in our case) vs. the volume of solvent, known as the weight-to-volume ratio. Our Lion’s Mane tincture at Mushroom Revival provides a 1:1 ratio of weight to volume. A tincture with a lower weight-to-volume ratio (say 1:5) has less potency because it uses the same amount of plant matter but more solvent to extract it.

How much lion’s mane mushroom tincture should you take? We recommend taking 2 squeezes of the dropper bulb under your tongue, but you can also add it to your favorite beverage when consuming tinctures. If you’re just starting out with functional mushrooms, you may want to try a smaller dose and increase the amount based on your body and needs. Exploration is encouraged with our lion’s mane mushroom tinctures!

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Gummies are a fun, tasty, and easy way to consume your functional mushrooms! Gummies are offered in several fruity flavored options.Our mushroom gummies are 100% vegan, certified USDA organic, and gluten-free. We also use a mushroom dual-extraction method to ensure our gummies provide you with the highest potency. Plus, did we mention we only use actual mushroom fruiting bodies? Not only do our mushroom gummies make delicious treats, but they’re healthy and work great!

We recommend taking 2 gummies every day for best results.

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Mushroom Coffee

Lion’s mane mushroom extract doesn’t have to be a hassle!

Add a mushroom supplement to your morning cup of coffee and enjoy all of the benefits of functional mushrooms. Simply brew your morning cup of joe, as usual, add your favorite lion’s mane supplement and you’ll be incorporating this functional mushroom into your daily routine.

Cooking With Lion’s Mane

Did you know that you can add lion’s mane mushrooms to your favorite recipes? You can sautee lion’s mane mushrooms, deep fry them, use them to make a sauce, and include them in your favorite stew.

The lion’s mane mushroom is an edible mushroom and is safe to eat! So, enjoy cooking it with your favorite ingredient or, use it to make mushroom tea. You can use these lion’s mane mushrooms creatively in your kitchen. 

Precautions When Consuming Lion’s Mane

While lion’s mane is generally considered safe, there are a few precautions you will need to take when consuming it. The most important thing to remember is to start with a low dose and then increase it gradually.

If you feel like you’ve taken too much lion’s mane, you’ll feel better to know that overdoses are effectively unheard of but it’s always best to follow the dosing instructions on the label for the best effect. It is also essential to only purchase lion’s mane supplements from a reputable store. Lion’s mane is a safe and effective way to balance body functions.