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How to Consume Reishi Mushrooms

How to Consume Reishi Mushrooms.  So you’ve heard about all of the amazing things reishi mushrooms contain, like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, polysaccharides, triterpenes, and peptidoglycans and now you want to know how to go about getting all of that goodness in your body.*

You’ve come to the right place. This guide will explain how to consume reishi mushrooms with delicious recipes, helpful advice, and informative recommendations.

Reishi Tea

Our Favorite Ways to Consume Reishi Mushrooms

While there’s a lot to love about reishi mushrooms, their texture could be better. They’re quite dense and tough, which makes consuming them difficult if you don’t know how to. That’s not to say they’re inedible, their slightly bitter taste actually works really well in beverages and desserts, while consuming reishi mushrooms through tinctures and extracts is quite easy. Below are all of the best ways to consume reishi mushrooms so you can reap all of their amazing potential benefits.*

Brew Reishi Mushroom Tea

Have tea with the Queen of Mushrooms using our favorite Slow Cooker Reishi Mushroom Tea recipe. Start your day with this tea to find your balance, or drink it late at night to wind down for a restful night.*

All you need is reishi mushrooms, water, a pot, and a stove to make this beneficial brew. If you have a slow cooker that’s even better! Use fresh fruiting bodies you purchased or foraged. Boil a 1-inch piece of dried reishi mushroom, water, some honey, and a wedge of lemon. You can even customize your tea with other natural flavors.

Consume Reishi Mushrooms in Delicious Dishes

The slightly bitter taste of reishi mushrooms will appease people who love the intense flavors of coffee and dark chocolate. Reishi has even been called the “chocolate lover’s mushroom” because of its flavor’s similarity to dark chocolate. The bitter taste of reishi comes from the triterpenes in it, which may help support many of the body’s functions including the brain,  and the immune system.*

Not only do triterpenes have all of these benefits, their bitter taste also works flawlessly in all of the dishes described in this Reishi Recipe Blog Post. The recipe round-up features a trio of delicious reishi recipes, including Uplifting Reishi Snickers bars which will become your new favorite on-the-go treat, Sleep-Soothing Truffles, which make a healthy, decadent dessert, and Restorative Reishi Mushroom Chai Lattes, which are a sweet way to start your day.

Drink Reishi Mushroom Sleep Tonic

According to Chinese herbalism, Reishi mushrooms can balance the spirit, which may help promote healthy rest.* When taken occasionally, reishi mushrooms may support your relaxation and promote a restful night, while taking them regularly may support steady energy over time.* One of the best ways to take reishi mushrooms to support your relaxation is by making our Reishi Mushroom Sleep Tonic.*

This delicious drink has sweet notes, like maple syrup and grated nutmeg, which will encourage sweet dreams. Mix warm oat milk, nutmeg, maple syrup, and reishi extract in a saucepan to make this soothing tonic.

Reishi Mushroom Sleep Tonic

Try Reishi Mushrooms Tinctures & Extracts

Our bodies can’t break down the tough cell walls of reishi mushrooms which is unfortunate because that’s where all of the good, active compounds in reishi mushrooms reside. For us to benefit from them they need to be extracted, which is why reishi mushroom tinctures and extracts are so wonderful. Mushroom Revival’s Reishi Mushroom Extracts go through a dual extraction process with the optimum alcohol percentages that ensure the extracts provide full-spectrum support.

One of our most popular tinctures, the DAILY 10 Tincture, includes not only reishi mushrooms, but also cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, shiitake, tremella, meshima, and maitake mushroom. This daily supplement supports immune functioning, occasional stress adaptability, and cognition, to name a few benefits.* If you want a tincture that focuses on relaxation, check out our Reishi Calm Tincture. It supports relaxation, immune functioning, and the body’s ability to adapt to occasional stress.* In other words this is the perfect tincture for people who want less stress and more zzz’s*

Reishi Mushroom Extracts