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How to Fill a Bong

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How to Fill a Bong. Cannabis smokers are usually seeking a complete experience. It’s not just a great high but excellent flavor profiles, smooth smoke, and sweet, intense aromas. Sometimes, it’s hard to get that front papers or blunts since they can bring additional flavors out. That’s why many stand by their bongs and pipes religiously. 

There are far more benefits than cons with bongs. However, water pipes for cannabis come in an array of different shapes and sizes. Some are straight-sided, while others have percolators, ice catchers, and other features that create a smoother smoking experience. It’s not hard to find unique bongs with percolators and ice catchers that filter the smoke. The key is the water that refines the cannabis, so it’s easier to inhale and less harsh on the lungs. 

However, the key to everything bong-related is the bong water level. You never want to fill up with too much water or too little. There’s a perfect amount for every water bong for weed. 

So, if you’re green to the world of bongs, we have you covered. Below, we’ll explain how to fill up a bong and the effects of using other liquids.

How To Fill A Bong For Beginners

How to Fill a Bong

Filling a bong with water feels like it’s a simple task, and it is, but it can also be daunting. The variety of bongs in different sizes and shapes make it difficult to determine a standard amount of water fitting for all water pipes. You’ll need more water for bigger water pipes than smaller bongs. However, there are a few universal rules on how much water to put in a bong that most cannabis connoisseurs abide by.

Let’s start with the primary water pipe, whether the body is straight-sided or a glass beaker bong. The golden rule is to bring enough water to cover the slits of the downstem. If the joint doesn’t have any slits, then fill and ensure that there’s roughly ½ inch submerged before trying to take a pull. The water levels could all be determined by looking at the piece, including the height. You could add more water if you prefer, but you also don’t want to get bong water in your mouth as you take a hit. 

How Much Water In A Bong With A Percolator

There’s no set response on “how to fill my perc bong.” Since percolators come in just as many sizes and shapes as water pipes, it’s impossible to set an amount that could apply to each; still, it’s an easy process that requires pouring water through the top of bongs with perc until it flows into the chamber. Water should submerge the percolator completely.

If the chamber is only half-full, then attack the problem with a slower pour. Often, people pour water too quickly, and it flows into the lower chamber of the water pipe. 

The same applies to filling water into multi-percolators. So if you have an even more elaborate bong, continue to fill the percs with water slowly and ensure it covers it entirely.

Why Does One Need To Know How To Fill A Bong With Water?

How to Fill a Bong

Smoking glass weed bongs without water will be even harsher than any pull-off of a joint or a blunt. The water acts as a filtration agent that works between the burning cannabis and the smoke it produces. It helps cool down the smoke for a smoother pull, and it helps filter out toxins. That’s why bong water is filthy — it catches all of the bad parts of the weed.

That’s why it’s essential to comprehend how to put water in a bong. The water level dictates how hard your lungs work with each pull. Too much liquid can lead to your body working overtime to get a proper draw. Little water prevents you from taking full advantage of the filters that come with percolators.

What Types Of Other Types Of Liquid Can You Put In Bongs?

Truthfully, we wouldn’t recommend using anything other than water in bongs. However, it’s not necessarily harmful. Adding soda, juices, or Gatorade can add an incredible flavor on top of the natural flavors from terpenes. However, you’ll risk breeding more germs and creating quicker residue build-up. Anything with high sugar will make the lower chamber and the percolators sticky. Plus, it could clog your downstem, as well. 

Ultimately, water is best bet. Using any other type of liquid can risk ruining the bong by creating a build-up. Water is easy to dump, makes less mess, and is easier to test your bong.