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How to Grind Large Quantities of Weed Efficiently

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How to Grind Large Quantities of Weed Efficiently. The cannabis industry’s expanded beyond simply selling flower. Retail stores and medical dispensaries have various products from topical oils, edibles, concentrates, and pre-roll joints. Each of these products is becoming increasingly more popular in stores than flower. Still, they all come from the marijuana plant, meaning that all the flower needs to be grounded before being processed into their final form.

Manually grinding cannabis is a tedious process, especially when it’s in bulk. New innovations have opened the market for large industrial weed grinders that can shred pounds of bud in seconds to the perfect texture. It’s a fruitful investment for large-scale cannabis operators that can save costs and time. 

The Rise of Commercial Cannabis Grinder Machines

How to Grind Large Quantities of Weed Efficiently

Commercial grinders and trimming machines intend to ease breaking down buds, trimming off leaves, and removing stems on mass amounts of cannabis — as in pounds. There are a handful of different commercial grinders that have various benefits to them. Some pair well with pre-roll filling machines because of the consistency and texture. Others are excellent for other purposes, like extractions. Take Futurola, for example. They’ve introduced an entire line of grinders that create the perfect consistency for pre-roll joints because of their sifter. The sifter removes any excess stems or sticks with minimal loss.

They’re on the market in various sizes to fit your business’s needs. Futurola’s Mini Commercial Herb Shredder can grind 0.7 lbs. of flower in 7 seconds, and the Super Mini Commercial Herb Shredder can shred and remove stems of the same quantity in 12 seconds. There’s no need to equip a few employees with cannabis grinders to get the job done. However, these are better suited for small-scale operations.

A Look at The Current Market Leaders in Grinder Machines

Major cannabis companies have even better options available to benefit regular operations. Futurola continues to lead the pack with its selection of commercial grinders for mass production, whether for trimming or shredding. The Original Commercial Herb Shredder can break down 3 lbs of weed in two seconds, while its accompanying trimmer can shred up to 4lbs of marijuana within a seven-minute window.

Then there’s the Super Mega Commercial, a top-of-the-line trimmer that can remove stems from 15 lbs of flower within seven minutes. In addition to the Mega Commercial Herb Shredder, which breaks down 5 lbs. of flower within seven seconds, a pre-roll machine can quickly process an abundance of cannabis for retail purposes—or create extracts that also need ground marijuana. Either way, Futurola has introduced elite-level commercial grinders to the cannabis industry that have undoubtedly changed how people consume cannabis today.

If you’re looking to see how to grind marijuana in bulk — over two dozen pounds of cannabis at a time –, then look no further than Revolution’s 2.0 Commercial Grinder, which can break down 30 lbs. of weed within an hour. It’s a handy tool because of the options available for a coarse or fine grind. Depending on the purpose of breaking down cannabis, having options between fine and coarse cannabis grinds opens the doors beyond pre-rolls — extracts, edibles, topicals, etc. 

Any cannabis business that’s seeking to level up its production while reducing time and cost needs to look into purchasing an industrial, commercial grinder. It’s the most efficient way to produce pre-rolls and other types of cannabis products without having to rely on manual labor.