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How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

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How To Keep Your Weed Fresh. When it comes to your weed stash everyone seems to think they know best and truthfully, a lot of confusion circulates the question: How to keep marijuana fresh? Some may argue there is no ONE best way to keep weed fresh and generally speaking there are quite a few tricks to the trade to store and maintain your marijuana’s overall integrity. 

Take it from the experts, the ones who have made rather costly mistakes along the way and don’t intend on letting improper storing methods affect the likelihood of their crop’s success story ever again. Whether you are wanting to know how to keep weed fresh on a large scale or a small one let this article be your go-to guide for keeping your weed “so fresh and so green, green”

Four main factors directly affect the shelf life of your precious product. Cannabis is a one-of-a-kind plant and with that comes unique methods for growing, drying, storing, and consuming. The four factors that affect the quality of your buds aroma, potency, and taste are: 

•    Temperature

•    Humidity Levels 

•    Light

•    Oxygen

How to Keep Weed Moist: The Proper Temperature and Humidity Levels

How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

The optimal temperature for storing your weed stash is 21 degrees Celsius or about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures can dry out your weed at a much faster pace, which is why it is recommended to store your product in a cool, dark, consistently stabilized environment. High temperatures along with high humidity levels will increase the likelihood of powdery mildew and mold, which can lead to health issues after consumption. Maintaining the temperature and humidity levels your weed is stored ensures the safety and increased shelf life leading to a good ole’ fashioned smoke sesh. 

Additionally, as far as humidity levels are concerned keeping your cannabis at a stable storage temperature will help maintain the RH or relative humidity as well. The ideal RH level for storing weed is anywhere between 59-63%. High RH levels could produce moldy buds and lower levels will dry your weed right out.

Cannabis moisture packs are an ingenious method for maintaining a harmonious humidity while curing and storing your cannabis. By adding moisture to the product and keeping the humidity level consistent these humidity packs increase the shelf life and maintain the overall aroma, quality, and taste of your buds. 

Bottom line… Storing your stash at the recommended 70 degrees Fahrenheit, in airtight smell proof cannabis bags, while maintaining the RH levels between 59-63% is the best way to keep marijuana fresh. Period

How To Keep Weed Fresh: Light and Oxygen 

How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Ironically, light is a key source for growing weed, but somewhat of a nemesis when it comes to storing and curing cannabis. Similar to that of oxygen, 02 can almost drain the shelf life out of your precious product. Fear not, there are some simple tricks and tactics you can incorporate into your storing and curing processes to master the task “How to Keep Weed From Drying Out”.

 Air tight jars for weed are perfect for preventing the oxidation of terpenes while storing and curing your cannabis. Oxygen can not only affect potency and overall quality of the buds but the process of oxidation can give your cannabis flower a hay-like, grassy aroma. Note: Keep jars relatively full of cannabis, but separate the individual strains. This will keep your nug’s integrity intact and provide less room for oxidation within the storage unit.  

Proper tamper proof packaging and air-tight jars even come in UV protective colors that filter out UV rays. Light is another “killer” component that will threaten the shelf life of your cannabis immensely, so small adjustments such as brown and green airtight containers over clear can be a brilliant way to reduce up to 30% UV rays. It is a scientifically proven fact that “prolonged exposure to light and air will gradually convert THCA into THC and THC into CBN, a cannabinoid that does not create the intoxicating properties that THC delivers.” 

Truth Is… 

Whether you are wanting to know how to keep an ounce fresh, an eighth, or a couple of casual joints these key components need to be taken into consideration so you can keep your weed with that fresh off the plant smoke. Let us take a minute to review what we’ve learned when it comes to properly storing weed the right way. 

Ideal Temperature: 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius 

Relative Humidity Levels: Ranging between 59-63% Consistently 

Storage Environments: Dark, Cool, and Airtight.