How to Open Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Child-resistant packaging should be a top priority for cannabis brands across all legal marijuana markets. As more jurisdictions continue to legalize the substance, there is a growing need to safeguard children from ingesting marijuana products. Consequently, the law requires edible packaging for gummies and other candy-like cannabis products to include child-resistant features that prevent minors from accessing the products. 

Similarly, flower, concentrates, and pre-roll packaging must all have child-resistant features. Even so, regulations governing child-proof cannabis packaging often differ from one jurisdiction to another.  

What’s more, as child resistant cannabis packaging evolves, some mechanisms are also becoming challenging for a section of consumers. Fortunately, this article highlights how to open child proof weed containers to help those needing initial assistance when using child-resistant marijuana packaging.

How To Open Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

One of the most common questions new marijuana consumers have is how to open dispensary containers. Although child-resistant dab containers and other weed packaging items are indispensable, they can also be cumbersome at times. Here’s how to open some of the most prevalent child-proof packaging in the market. 

Child Resistant Jars and Vials With Caps


Jars and vials are arguably the industry’s most popular cannabis packaging containers. They come in a slew of shapes and sizes to house all sorts of weed products, from buds to edibles. For this reason, they often have different child-proof mechanisms for keeping minors away from the contents of the containers. 

Most child resistant jars and vials have push-down & turn caps. Hence, opening such containers is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is hold down the jar with one hand and use the other to grasp the cap and press down while turning it. 

When learning how to open weed containers with caps, you may come across the squeeze-and-turn child-proof jars. To open this kind of child resistant cannabis packaging, you need to grasp the cap by the sides using your fingers and squeeze while twisting it. 

Child Resistant Pop Top Tubes

Pop-top tubes are another popular cannabis packaging choice for many weed manufacturers, producers, and retailers. These items are prevalent in the marijuana industry mainly because of their child-proof and senior-friendly features. This means that they are complex enough to prevent access to children but easy for adults with limited strength to open. 

Child resistant pop tubes are also airtight and odor-resistant, making them excellent for cartridge packaging and storing pre-rolls. One advantage of learning how to open cartridge containers with this child-resistant mechanism is that it’s quite straightforward; all you have to do is squeeze the container’s sides near the cap, and the top will pop open.

Child Resistant Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are undoubtedly some of the most popular packaging items in the industry. They are versatile since they are suitable for housing several types of cannabis products. Moreover, apart from being child resistant bags, some mylar bags can also provide tamper evident cannabis packaging. 

Mylar bags come in various shapes and sizes and have different child-proof mechanisms. They can either be single-use or multi-use mylar bags depending on the design. Still, Pinch N Slide mylar bags are arguably the most prevalent ones on the market. 

Pinch N Slide mylar bags make excellent exit bags for dispensaries. If you’ve ever pondered how to open a dispensary bag, here’s how to do it. Place your fingers on one side of the bag’s seal, your thumb on one side, and your index finger on the other. Next, pinch your fingers and slide them across each other to open up the bag. 

Other mylar bags come with a child-resistant zipper or another form of resealable closure. Such bags are prevalent in edible packaging. If you’ve been struggling to learn how to open an edible bag, the procedure above could make your work easier. 

Child Resistant Marijuana Tins

Tin containers provide a solid structure that protects the products housed inside them. For this reason, child resistant tins are popular marijuana packaging items for housing buds, pre-rolls, and edibles. They keep harmful elements at bay and prevent the products from physical damage, allowing them to remain fresh for longer. 

Marijuana tins have ample space suitable for designing custom cannabis packaging logos and artwork. Here’s how to open edible containers made from tin.

Tin containers can be child resistant in a few different ways. One common example is a standard circular tin with a push-and-turn lid. This method offers a simple yet practical way to prevent young children from accessing potent cannabis products.

Similarly, tin containers can have a locking mechanism at the front for child-proofing. These locking systems may require consumers to push a button to release the lid and access the products inside. Since it can be difficult for children to understand sequential tasks, they are unlikely to know how to open pre-roll containers with such child-proof features.

The Bottom Line

New marijuana consumers can sometimes have difficulty understanding how to open a dab container or other child proof weed packaging. Fortunately, the tips provided here can help you open the most common child-proof cannabis packaging. Child-resistant cannabis packaging is highly vital for marijuana companies. These child-lock mechanisms help protect minors from accessing marijuana products that may be harmful to them and ensure cannabis businesses meet compliance regulation standards.