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How To Roll A Joint: The Definitive Guide

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How To Roll A Joint: The Definitive Guide. Joints are arguably the most preferred method of consuming cannabis. Many like to use them due to their simplicity. However, this doesn’t mean that rolling joints is easy. In fact, people who are new to cannabis often find it challenging when they use paper to roll a joint. If you fall in this category, don’t stress, as you’ll learn how to roll a perfect joint in six simple ways.  

Before diving into how to roll joints, you should know a few things. First, learning how to roll a proper joint is a skill that’ll save you money in the long run. As you hone your craft, you’ll learn how to use rolling papers effectively.  

You should also know the difference between joint vs blunt. Joints are usually made with specific rolling papers, while blunts are rolled with cigar papers. Blunts can also be made using a blunt roller and are typically larger than joints. Nowadays, a growing number of companies are focusing on selling rolling papers that are tailored for health-conscious smokers. 

How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint: The Definitive Guide

Ensure you’re aptly prepared before commencing the task. Some of the items you’ll need include a rolling tray, weed grinder, a crutch, a joint poker, and most importantly, rolling papers. Once you’ve secured these items, here’s the best way to roll a joint. 

Step 1: Grind The Cannabis 

Use the grinder to separate and granulate the flower into finer particles. This will ensure that your weed is consistent in size and texture. Ultimately, it’ll give you a smooth, even smoke. 

Step 2: Place The Crutch

The rolling tip or crutch is a crucial part of the cannabis joint. It helps to give the weed its general shape and size. The crutch is also a stable area that allows you to package the joint more efficiently. Some people prefer to leave the rolling tip sticking out of the rolling paper. 

Step 3: Arrange The Cannabis

After placing the rolling tip, fold the rolling paper from either side to create a trough. Next, put the ground weed on the paper and ensure it is evenly distributed. Although this may seem obvious, many usually rush or neglect this process. If the weed isn’t evenly spread, you’ll find rolling your joint difficult. 

Step 4: Roll The Paper

This is the step you’ll actually roll the paper. The aim is to use your fingers to shape the paper into a straight cylinder or a cone joint. Many find this step very challenging because it usually requires a gentle touch which in most cases comes through experience. So, ensure you’re extra careful. 

Step 5: Sealing The Joint

After rolling your joint, the next step is to tuck, lick, and stick to make it secure. This is where the joint acquires its shape. If you’re experiencing any difficulties, initiate the tuck from the crutch. You’ll have a nice grip and support. 

Sealing the joint requires some getting used to. So, if you find it challenging, don’t worry; keep practising. Once your joint is evenly rolled, lick the glue and stick it down. 

Step 6: Packing

The last step of rolling your joint is to pack it and twist it. Packing aims to provide a slow and even burn. It also lessens the chances of the cherry falling as a result of having a loose roll. Although a tight joint is usually recommended, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, the lack of airflow will hinder you from getting a proper draw. 

Now that you are familiar with the best way to roll a joint, here are fancy ways in which you can roll your joint.

Different Ways To Roll A Joint

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There are many methods on how to roll weed. While some of the styles may seem unsmokable, especially to newbies, they are actually popular. Here’s how to roll a perfect joint in style. 


A pinner is simply a regular joint that is thin. This is probably the easiest way to roll a joint. Many like to use a rolling paper that has a short width since this joint doesn’t hold a lot of weed. Hence, a pinner is mostly meant for personal use.

The Cone Joint

This is yet another way on how to roll a easy joint. It is usually narrowest at the filter and widens outward to the tip, giving it a cone shape. The cone joint is popular with people who want to have a smoke sesh with friends as it holds more weed than the average joint. 

Dutch Tulip

The Dutch Tulip is a unique joint that produces heavy hits, similar to cigars. Its signature design is a thick anterior, which makes a huge cherry as it burns. The stem of the Dutch Tulip is usually a classic cylindrical joint. 

Besides the three designs highlighted above, other ways of how to roll a proper joint include the shotgun, the XXL, the windmill, the triple braid, and the iconic scorpion joints. 

Bottom Line

Although there are numerous ways to smoke cannabis, such as using a glass smoking piece, many prefer to use joints. Rolling the perfect joint is a skill that can be developed through practice. When rolling your joints, you can add some spice by using flavored rolling papers. However, if you find the process of rolling joints cumbersome, you can opt for pre-rolled cone joints, which are equally helpful.