How to Roll a Joint

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How to Roll a Joint . It never ceases to amaze you how many different methods you can use to level up. You have options that range from the classic bong to the new hype of vaporizers. While these are all fantastic options, nothing beats an old-fashioned, hand-rolled joint for the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to smoke weed. Joint rolling is an art form and is much harder than it looks. If you’ve ever tried this and ended up with torn rolling papers and sticky fingers, you know exactly what we mean.

An integral part of the social consumption of cannabis is learning to puff-stretch-pass. For many people, learning how to roll knuckles the old-fashioned way is a cultural initiation.

Knuckle rolling is a highly personal and complex craft, and anyone new to the practice can learn how to roll a knuckle using a few simple steps.

What is a joint?

If you’re new to cannabis and smoking weed, you should know that there are three types of hand-rolls: joints, blunts, and spliffs.


Joints are probably the most well-known method of consuming cannabis. They are small and portable, so you can take them anywhere and turn them on whenever you want. Ground hemp is rolled into thin rolling paper. Papers can be large or small, made from hemp, rice, paper or other materials. A crutch, also known as a filter, adds texture to the roll so you can smoke your joint all the way through without burning your fingers. How To Drink Weed Wine


A blunt is a roll that contains cannabis that is encased in a cigar or blunt wrapper. Tobacco is used to make these wraps to give you a kick. They are usually larger than joints and will burn more slowly, allowing them to last much longer.

Joint rolling: Materials and preparation

Before learning how to roll the weed into a finely crafted joint, you’ll need a few supplies. Get a flower, a marijuana grinder, rolling papers, filters and a lighter. Visit Amuse for a one-stop shop for all essential components delivered right to your door.

Note: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy grinder. If you’re new to this, a simple one will do. If you want to up your joint rolling game later, you can always invest in a better grinder. Similarly, filter tips are not necessary, but they are much easier to pack than torn pieces of cardboard.

Guide to Rolling a Joint

Now for the fun part – rolling! Here’s how to roll a joint freehand:

Pull out the grinder: 

Long gone are the days of manually splitting marijuana buds. The grinder separates the nug by (you guessed it) grinding it into small pieces that you can throw right onto your rolling paper. Just don’t overdo the grinding. Over-grinding will make it harder to pull the smoke out of the final product and the flavor will suffer as a result. Songs To Listen To When You’re High

Fold your rolling paper in half:

The thing to note here is that you need to fold it along the long side (or if you remember from grade school: “roll style”). The goal is to make a long trough that your bud will fit into. Some people like to tear the edge of the paper to make scrolling easier.

Inserting the filter:

Place the filter (also known as a crutch) into the rolling paper at one end. We recommend the side of the folded scroll paper opposite your dominant hand. NOTE: Marijuana filters, unlike cigarette filters, do not remove any chemicals or tars from the smoke. They are usually used to ensure that the grounds do not enter your mouth and burn your fingertips. Filters are available already manufactured or you can make your own by folding a small piece of paper.

Place the planter in the crease:

Once the filter is in place, sprinkle the grass over the crease of the rolling paper. You will probably start with one pinch from your grinder. It’s a good idea to use a little more weed than you think you’ll need, as some of it will fall out during the rolling process. How To Do Vape Tricks

Create an even tube-like shape

for the joint by gently rubbing your thumbs over the ground marijuana and pressing them into the paper. Place the marijuana between the bottom edge of the paper and the opposing side of the rolling paper.
You’re basically turning your joint into a little tortilla. Once the rounded edge of the torn rolling paper is in place, start rolling the tube back and forth with your thumbs.

Finishing touches:

After rolling the paper tightly into a cylinder, lick the exposed edge to seal it.
Close the joint by pinching the open end with your thumb and fingers and turning it to the tip. To make lighting easier, cut the curled paper with scissors. Your joint is now ready to be lit, except for one optional step: “baptism”. Cannabis lovers prefer to “baptize” their joints in order to limit the rate at which the flammable paper burns.
The key to achieving this is moisture, and the usual method of smoking a joint is to put it in your mouth, purse your lips, and gently pop it out.

And there you have it! These are the steps to create the perfect connection.You will improve your skills as you practice more. You’ll also learn your own preferences for joint thickness and density, as well as your own methods for getting the most out of every last bit of ground flower.

Is rolling the joint too difficult?

If you’ve found learning how to roll a joint too difficult or don’t want to inhale the fumes, there are other options available to you:

Eat it

Edibles give you all the benefits of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids without the downsides of smoking.

Soak it up

Combine the relaxing properties of tea with the symptom-relieving properties of cannabis by creating a marijuana tea.A wonderful substitute for smoking pot is drinking marijuana tea.


Hemp tinctures are oils made from extracts of the herb. They usually come with a dropper and instructions on how many drops should be placed under the tongue.


By applying cannabis topicals directly to the skin, getting THC into your system is more accessible. How To Recover From Being Too High