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How to Store CBD

How to Store CBD. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis product with many benefits and deserves to be stored with care. Like marijuana products with THC, CBD products are considered natural and ingestible in varying ways. By using CBD extraction efficiency, companies remove CBD and use the oil for many products like CBD infused wraps, gummies, capsules, lotions, and tinctures. These natural, healing products provide numerous health benefits but, like any natural products, they have a shelf life that is heavily reduced if not stored properly. 

We will cover everything you need to know about storing your CBD products to ensure you get the most out of them for the most extended time! Whether you extract your own CBD, buy lots of CBD products, or run a CBD business, knowing how to store cannabis oil is critical to keeping your products in tip top shape! 

Storing CBD Oil

How to Store CBD

The importance of storing CBD oil properly cannot be understated. If not stored correctly, CBD oil products will lose their potency. Improper storage will decrease cannabinoid concentration, which will affect the therapeutic and healing properties associated with CBD oil. 

Luckily, when you know what to do, storing CBD oil is simple, and you can follow a few basics to keep the integrity of the product. 

How to Store CBD Oil 

There are three main things to remember when storing CBD oil: light, air, and temperature. Keeping all three of these components in mind will make storing CBD oil simple! 

CBD oil is no exception to the power of UV rays. The UV rays in light lead to the degradation of several natural and artificial things, including skin, plastic, and dyes in clothes. Therefore, keep CBD oil in dark locations like a cupboard, refrigerator, or bag. 

Air is also essential to keep in mind when packaging CBD oil. Overexposure to oxygen will lead to damage to the oil. Conversely, overexposure to moisture in the air will also damage CBD oil. CBD packaging must be airtight to ensure that it doesn’t affect the CBD oil shelf life. Packaging options like CBD dropper bottles are excellent for airtight CBD storage. 

Temperature is the final issue to be aware of when storing CBD oil. Keeping CBD in temps below 70°F is the way to go. Higher temperatures will damage the molecules that make CBD potent, negatively affecting the potency. 

When storing any CBD products, keep the storage conditions in line with all of the guidelines surrounding light, air, and temperature we have highlighted above. 

How to Store CBD Oil Capsules 

How to Store CBD

CBD oil capsules are ingestible capsules filled with CBD oil using a CBD filling syringe. Capsules can be used by anyone who loves CBD, but they are popular with customers who use CBD to treat pain and medical conditions. 

It would be best if you stored oil capsules in a dry, dark, and cool location. How you keep CBD oil in regards to air, light, and temperature will be the same way to store your CBD oil capsules. This is particularly important if you rely on CBD for medical purposes or if your business sells CBD to customers who need it for pain/illness management. 

Best Way to Store CBD Gummies

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CBD gummies are an effective way to get your CBD dose while enjoying a flavorful treat! Gummies add that extra special component of taste, which you definitely want to remain intact. CBD gummies often come in airtight tins, jars, and resealable bags, and storing the packaging in dry and temperate conditions will allow them to keep their flavor and CBD concentrate. 

Takeaways from CBD Storage

If you take anything away from this, it’s that protecting the potency of any of your CBD products is simple yet necessary. Regardless of the product and the packaging, there are easy ways to keep your CBD oil products as potent as possible.