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How To Store Your Edibles

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How To Store Your Edibles. True to the term “good things come in small packages” you would almost think that expression evolved for your edibles! That said, knowing the best way to store edibles and care for them properly, so you can enjoy them when you’d like is naturally important. Though some of these guidelines are universal to all edibles there are most definitely distinct differences in storage rules from edible to edible. Let us run through some of the key recommendations on how to store edibles… the right way.

A list of factors that will directly affect the shelf life, potency, and overall quality of your edibles: 

• Humidity 

• Heat

• Contamination 

• Sun Exposure 

Keeping these four factors under wraps and far from extremes will ensure you can safely experience and enjoy your edibles with longevity. This article will give you the inside scoop on how to keep edibles fresh and store them appropriately depending on what types of edibles you choose to enjoy. 


How To Store Your Edibles

First things first, let us take how to store weed brownies for example. You are wanting to save your special brownie for another occasion perhaps a week down the road, a fun date night, or a casual day off at the beach. Your best bet for proper storage will always be mylar edible bags stored in a temperature-controlled cool environment where the sun doesn’t hit the packaging. This will keep the brownie fresh, the potency on point, and you super stoked the next time you reach for your favorite edible. 

The edibles packaging is of the utmost importance, because you want to keep your cannabis-induced edibles airtight to prevent contamination and of course, decrease the likelihood of your goodies going stale. 

 Run Down On The Perfect Storing Methods For Your Edibles 

• Dark environment with no sun exposure 

• Room temperature controlled storage space, avoid extreme temperatures 

• Airtight seal to prevent oxidation 


How To Store Your Edibles

The top popular contender in the edible game are gummies, for sure. So let us get straight to the point and answer that begging question, “How do you store edible gummies?” 

These key storage suggestions aren’t just true for brownies if you are curious about how to store weed gummies, experts would suggest the same solution. That is, a dark temperature controlled environment in airtight mylar edible bags or glass cannabis jars under the same conditions are perfect to maintain potency, keep gummies free from contamination, and ensure their overall integrity for ongoing usage. 


Cannabis experts state that edibles such as gummies, baked goods, tinctures, etc. have a similar self-life to their cannabis-less counterparts. So to answer your question: “Do edibles expire?” A rough guideline experts say to go by depends on the type of edible you are storing. 

Check out these dates when curious about expiration of your precious products: 

• Baked goods –  Typically last 2-3 months in the freezer, 1-4 weeks in refrigeration, and only a few days in the pantry.

• Shelf-stable drinks–  Last about 6-9 months in the pantry (unopened). 

• Infused oils – last about 6 months-1 year in a cabinet or on a shelf, but the space must be cool and preferably dark. 

• Dark chocolate – Will last up to a year under proper conditions. Experts suggest you keep chocolate wrapped in an airtight container in a cool dark environment. White and milk chocolate have a shorter shelf life at 10 months under similar conditions.

• Hard candies – last up to a year and soft candies have a shelf life of typically 6-9 months, but if opened, storing in an airtight jar or edible packaging in a cool environment is a must. 


A common question we receive in the cannabis community is  “can you freeze edibles to make them last longer?” The short answer is yes, but there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Freezing your concentrates is great for long-term storage! Why? Well freezing your concentrates makes it possible to store your favorite products for up to a year without compromising their quality and flavor. Bear in mind a few recommendations are important to follow when freezing your concentrates and/or edibles for later use. 

First, make sure the air is drained from the edibles packaging, this will prevent moisture within the container in case of any temperature fluctuations. Also, when taking your edibles or concentrates out of the freezer give them ample amount of time to thaw, this way the change in temperature does not alter the taste or quality of the product. A simple solution would be to place it in the refrigerator and then at room temperature to slow the thawing process.  Additionally, avoid wrapping edibles in plastics, instead use wax or parchment paper to avoid sticking throughout the freezing process. Following these guidelines when learning how to freeze edible gummies properly and you should be good to go when storing your edibles long term!