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How to Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

How to Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. With everything you’ve heard about the incredible benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms; their ability to support your gut health, stabilize healthy moods, and focus, you know you want to incorporate them into your daily routine.* 

How do you make Lion’s Mane one of the main components of your health regime though? 

This guide will explain how to take Lion’s Mane mushrooms, listing out and describing numerous easy and enjoyable consumption methods. 

How to Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms: Recipes 

Considered a “gourmet” mushroom by high-end restaurants, Lion’s Mane has a desirable flavor and meaty texture that translates well into all kinds of dishes. 

Cook Lion’s Mane as a Seafood Substitute 

Perfect for vegetarians or people who want to lessen the amount of meat in their diet, Lion’s Mane mushrooms make a superb seafood substitute.

Swap them in for crab with this decadent and tangy “Don’t Be a Crab” Cakes recipe, make easy, affordable lobster rolls with this “Lion’s Mane is on a Roll” Lobster Rolls recipe, fry them up into simple but flavorful Lion’s Mane Fish Fillets, or try your hand at making savory and spicy Vegetarian Gumbo with Lion’s Mane

There are so many delicious lion’s mane seafood recipes you can try! 

Mix Lion’s Mane into Your Smoothie

Looking for something a little more fruity than fishy? No problem, lion’s mane can easily be mixed into delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls. 

Try this Matcha Smoothie Bowl recipe, with bananas, mixed greens, pineapple, mango, matcha green tea powder, and of course, Lion’s Mane. Not only is this bowl fruity and fabulous, it will also support your focus and healthy energy.*

For a sweet treat, try this Lion’s Mane Cacao Shake recipe. With healthy ingredients like bananas, cherries, Lion’s Mane, and chia seeds, it allows you to satiate your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

How to Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms: Drinks

If you have a lion’s mane extract, powder, or tincture you can easily add it to beverages, providing them with more flavor depth and a healthy boost that will support your energy and may help epromote mental clarity.*

Pour a Lion’s Mane Extract Cocktail 

Have you ever been drinking alcohol and thought, “Gee, I wish that I could spice this beverage up with a dash of something healthy?” 

Then you’ll LOVE these Lion’s Mane extract cocktails! Adding subtle depth to traditional drinks, Lion’s Mane is an excellent addition to traditional alcoholic beverages. 

For a refined, refreshing drink, try a Manehatten, or if you want to sip a foamy, buzzy concoction make a Foamy Lion. Lion’s Mane extract is versatile so you can really add it to any cocktail recipe. 

Brew a Lion’s Mane Tea 

Start your morning off right with a cup of Lion’s Mane Mushroom Brain Boosting Tea that will support your energy and focus throughout the day.* It’s super easy to brew, simply boil your water, add Lion’s Mane mushroom powder to it and a normal tea bag, and then enjoy! Add milk and lemon for extra flavoring. 

How to Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms: Products 

You can purchase Lion’s Mane whole, or as an extract, powder, or tincture. Tinctures are wonderful because they are easy to use and provide comprehensive support for your body and mind.*

Buy Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture 

Cut through all the bullsh!t with our Lion’s Mane Focus Tincture. Our tincture is easy to add to food or beverages or to even consume on its own. Our tincture supports mental clarity, promotes gut health, and enables normal nervous system functioning.* With high-quality Lion’s Mane and cinnamon bark, this simple tincture is simply amazing!*