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How To Travel Safely & Legally With CBD On A Plane

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How To Travel Safely & Legally With CBD On A Plane. Air travel is convenient, but it can also be very tiring to deal with, so many people seek soothing CBD solutions to make travel by plane a more pleasant experience. Plus, this time of year, lots of people are wanting to bring their CBD along to help them stay stress-free around family and friends and during the holiday madness. Many people wonder if they can travel with their CBD products, so Forbes provided a few tips on traveling with CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that is extracted and infused into various products. While it can be found in low to moderate amounts in marijuana, it’s found in much richer quantities in and often sourced from hemp. CBD can provide many beneficial effects, such as treating THC-induced paranoia and anxiety, helping with appetite stimulation, and many other therapeutic things.

Thanks to CBD’s positive impact, many people want to take their CBD products with them when they’re on the go. Before you fly out, check out these helpful suggestions from Forbes.

TSA Compliant

The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the federal agency responsible for screening passengers before they board their flights. Since it is under federal jurisdiction, cannabis, a federally illegal drug, is prohibited regardless of the state’s cannabis laws. CBD and hemp, however, are different.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products are legal in all states as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. TSA officers will not report any CBD products they find that meet those strict federal guidelines.

According to the TSA website, your carry-on bag can have 3.4 ounces or smaller-sized containers for liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes. If you have any CBD-infused topicals, tincture bottles, or beverages, make sure it meets the agency’s travel guidelines.

Solid food items and candy are okay to bring either in your carry-on or checked-in bags, so feel free to bring your favorite CBD-infused edibles.

When it comes to vaporizers, however, you need to be much more cautious. While it’s perfectly okay to drip a few drops of CBD oil into lackluster airplane coffee to help you stay calm during turbulence, it’s definitely NOT okay to puff on a vaporizer on an airplane. In fact, it’s a federal offense. Even if vaping is your preferred method, be sure to bring another type of CBD product that you can legally ingest in the airport and in your seat on the plane.

Check THC Levels

How To Travel Safely & Legally With CBD On A Plane

Whether edibles or CBD vapes, take precautions and double-check the THC content of any CBD product you wish to travel with. Regardless of if they were advertised as CBD and that’s why you bought it, some strains/products contain more than the federally legal amount of THC (< or = 0.3%).

Reputable CBD brands always make a Certificate of Analysis for each of their CBD products available to their customers, typically online though you may be able to ask for them in-store, as well. A Certificate of Analysis is a document from a third-party laboratory that tests products for cannabinoid content, pesticides, and any harmful byproducts hidden in CBD and THC products.

Before purchasing a CBD product, make sure to research the brand. The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission fined luminous Botanicals one hundred thousand dollars over the intent and impact of 35,000 mislabeled vials containing THC tonic. While mistakes are liable to happen, they can be incredibly damaging when they do. And if you’re taking CBD to relax, accidentally ingesting THC is sure to have the opposite effect (at the same time as it may get you in trouble with TSA).

Credible CBD products have a label showing percentages of CBD, THC, and all other cannabinoids.

Domestic and International Guidelines

How To Travel Safely & Legally With CBD On A Plane

As an added measure of security, be sure to check the hemp laws of whatever place you plan to visit. 

Some states like California have recently approved new regulations for smokable hemp and hemp-based products

Although hemp products are legal in all states, that is not the case for international destinations.

Some countries have their regulations for hemp-derived products, while other nations forbid any type of hemp products. 

Getting caught with illegal substances or paraphernalia in other countries can result in severe fines and incarceration time. Always do your research!