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How to Unclog Vape Carts & Why It Happens

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How to Unclog Vape Carts & Why It Happens. Only a handful of things are as disappointing as having a clogged vape. You’re sitting on a bench, trying to elevate your mind, when you realize that you can’t pull from your vaporizer. At that point, you’re wondering what might be wrong; is the battery dead? Is the cartridge broken? Nine times out of 10, you’re experiencing a clogged dab cart. It’s a headache, but it’s not unfixable.

Several issues can prevent a vaporizer from providing adequate pulls. In some cases, it can leak, while in others, it’s the cartridge that clogs. That’s why knowing how to unclog a dab cart is imperative. It’s a skill necessary for anyone using a handheld vaporizer, mainly because of some significant design issues. Fortunately, learning how to fix a clogged cart is pretty easy, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Why Is My Cart Clogged?

How to Unclog Vape Carts & Why It Happens

The first matter of business is understanding what causes clogging in dab carts. Disposable dab pens have significantly evolved since companies first introduced them. Older designs face more problems than newer ones since many innovations address ways to bypass these issues. So, before unclogging a dab cart, we’ll explain how this issue arises.

For starters, the inner working of a vaporizer determines how smooth each pull is. The quality of the cartridge and its components will ultimately determine the functionality. The first types of carts used coils and cotton-based wicks in their design. The metal coil creates heat in the time it takes for the vape cartridge batteries to start working. The coil then heats the cotton wick, directly contacting the oil. It’s less common to see these types of coils on the market, especially since there have been plenty of issues that come from these vapes, including clogs.

Unfortunately, you can’t necessarily avoid clogs in a cartridge, even with the new models. Though many brands, like RAE technology, bring solutions to prevent this from happening, external factors, like climate, can still create a blockage. Ceramic heating technology is currently at the forefront of the vaping industry, but the issue remains prevalent for a few reasons. 

One significant reason is the oil itself. You will likely face clogging compared to THC distillate if you use sauces, live resin, or CBD isolate-based products. Products like sauces and resin are prone to producing non-uniform particulate distribution. Additionally, the viscosity of these products and the possibilities of crystallization will lead to blockage in disposable dab pens. Ultimately, you want to find quality oil from good sources to reduce the risk of clogging.

Secondly, it’s essential to consider temperatures and climate. Storing oil in too warm or cold conditions will impact its form and potency.

It’s no secret that cannabis is a delicate plant, whether concentrated or in its flower form. Placing your pen or oil in cold climates will increase its viscosity. What happens with highly viscous oil is that it makes it even more difficult for the battery to vaporize the products. On top of that, frigid climates make it even more difficult for the oils to move. The thickness blocks the oil from entering inlet holes where the coil heats the product. Needless to say, it’s vital to ensure that you aren’t storing your products in cold places.

On the other hand, hot weather will also hinder the flow of your pen. Keeping oils and concentrates in a warm setting can make the substance runny. Some would think this would be ideal for airflow, but it does the opposite. In addition to blocking critical airflow points, the liquid distillate can leak into different parts of the vape pen. Ultimately, the warm weather can create poor conditions for vaporizing.

So, if you’ve ever wondered, “why does my cart get clogged,” these are a few factors you might want to consider before tossing out your pen. 

How To Unclog A Cart?

How to Unclog Vape Carts & Why It Happens

We’ve explained what causes vaporizers to clog, but now, we’re going to explain how to fix a clogged vape cartridge. This is how you approach a clogged vaporizer to get smooth pulls each time.

You will want to ensure that you store your products at room temperature. As we’ve discussed, a temperature that’s too hot or too cold will be detrimental to the product. Whether using RAE dab carts or any other brand, keeping your pens away from extreme climates is necessary. That way, you will avoid ruining your pen or facing clogging when you want to take a hit. 

Sometimes, even keeping your products at the right temperature won’t prevent clogging from happening. So, here are a few ways to manage the problem. You could always rely on a tool (a paperclip or floss pick). Once you remove the cart from the battery, a paper clip could remove any residual oils and blockage. Additionally, you’ll be able to run your tool through the mouthpiece to ensure that it’s clear of anything that could block or clog your cart.

However, before you use tools, we suggest taking baby steps. For starters, try preheating your vape. Preheating is the best way to avoid having overly viscous distillate and provides the best possible consistency, so your pen doesn’t clog. You’ll often find devices that have preheating manually adjustable features. These are great because you can begin vaporizing before putting your lips on the mouthpiece. 

Another trick to try and unclog your pen before dismantling it is simply inhaling it from the mouthpiece. Now, you must pull slowly from your device for this to work. A slow inhale can heat the oil in the cartridge and optimize the viscosity. However, it’s necessary to be mindful to prevent a dry burn, specifically with draw-activated vape batteries. If you take a pull without oil in the chamber, you can ruin the flavor of your vape pen forever.

Bottom Line 

Vaping has undoubtedly changed how we consume cannabis and, in many ways, makes it far more manageable. While you might bypass the rolling process, a few other headaches could come with using a vape pen. So, the best way to avoid clogging or any other blockage is to take care of your products. Please keep them in prime weather conditions and always find quality products.