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How to Use an Automatic Joint Roller

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A decent vibrating automatic joint roller is a crucial component to a well-oiled dispensary operation or pre roll production business. Painstakingly rolling hundreds of joints is a ludicrous feat to imagine but an automatic joint rolling machine will save you from the tedium. There are a variety of electric joint roller models on the market but the one we’ll be going over today can efficiently fill 85 joints in under 15 minutes.

These are precision perfect joints too; not a misfire in the whole bunch. It’s a very simple, straightforward process but we’ve taken the time to break it down so you won’t overlook any important steps.

Step 1: Grind Your Herb

Before we even get started with the vibrating rolling machine, the herb needs to be ground. For this, we recommend using a commercial-sized grinder or electric grinder but you most likely already have your trusted methods in place. Once your herb grinder has made short work of the full buds, it’s time to prepare your automatic joint roller.

Step 2: Load Your Pre Rolled Cones Into the Automatic Joint Roller

How to Use an Automatic Joint Roller

Remove the lid from your electric joint roller and begin to fill the accommodating slots with your pre rolled cones. Cones come in a variety of sizes so you’ll want to make sure to buy pre rolled cones that your rolling machine can accommodate. Assuming you have the correct size of cones, you should be able to slide them neatly and snugly into the machine in a honeycomb-like pattern.

Step 3: Fire Up the Rolling Machine

How to Use an Automatic Joint Roller

Before you dump any of your finely ground herb into those waiting pre rolled cones, you’ll need to flip the power switch of your automatic joint roller so that it is vibrating. Now you can begin to pour your herb into the pre rolled cones. When you’re working with an electric cigarette roller, it can be tempting to just dump your product across the vibrating surface and assume the machine will do the rest. But you still want to remain conscious during the act, attempting an even and deliberate distribution of herb.

The vibrations will help take care of loose herb but you’ll find the results are much more efficient if you attempt some uniform distribution of the herb. Once your herb has found its way into the pre rolled cones, you can turn the vibrations off.

Step 4: Removing Your Filled Pre Rolled Joints

How to Use an Automatic Joint Roller

At this point, you can take the lid of your automatic joint roller and re-install it at the base of the machine to push your filled pre rolled joints upward. This will help you to get a good, steady grip on each pre roll as you pluck it from the automatic joint rolling machine. Give each pre roll a quick twist for a seal and pop it into a doob tube or plastic joint container.

Whether you’re using shake or putting in the effort to give your customer’s a more quality pre roll experience with some higher quality flower, you can count on an automatic joint roller to at least cover the rolling part with perfectly tight results.