IDK Meaning In Text

“IDK” stands for “I don’t know!”

What does IDK mean?

It means “I don’t know.”

In many cases, this is someone who is trying to express some level of confusion about the conversation or the subject. Or other times, it’s simply just a response to a question!

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
IDK I don’t know Confusion / Answer to a question
Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “IDK! What are you up to?”
    • Emotion: Answering a question
    • Intention: If a person asked, “What’s up?” They might respond with “IDK!”
  • “IDK, they are just being super dumb and I can’t take it.”
    • Emotion: Annoyance
    • Intention: Using IDK as a way of expressing themselves about the situation

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