IGS Meaning In Text

“IGS” stands for “I guess so.” It’s a type of unsure response to a message or text.

What does IGS mean?

The abbreviation IGS stands for “I guess so.” For example, if a friend asks you, “Do you like going to school?” And the other friend says, “IGS!” It means that they are saying “I guess” to your original question.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
IGS I guess so Careless
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes

Examples and other meanings

  1. Yo! What’s up! I just posted some new picutres on IGS! You should check them out! 😊”
    • Possible Meaning: “Instagram Stories”
    • Emotion: Excitement
  2. “IGS—can you please send me the report as soon as you can?”
    • Possible Meaning: “I Got Stuck”
    • Emotion: Frustration
  3. “IGS… I think it’s getting serious between us. 😍”
    • Possible Meaning: “Instagram Status” (referring to a relationship status update)
    • Emotion: Affections
  4. “IGS, let’s meet up for coffee later!”
    • Possible Meaning: “I’m Getting Starving”
    • Emotion: Playfulness
  5. “IGS, the new project is a massive success! 💪”
    • Possible Meaning: “It’s Going