IKYFL Meaning In Text

“IKYFL” stands for “I Know You’re F#cking Lying.”

What does IKYFL mean?

Abbreviation “IKYFL” means “I Know You’re F#cking Lying.” It’s considered an aggressive message to someone who is being accused of telling a lie.

It is not considered to be work appropriate. And it is not considered to be child safe. Both are not safe to use considering the strong language in the accusation.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
IKYFL I Know You’re F#cking Lying Accusation
Safe for work Safe for children
No No
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
I Know You’re F#cking Lying I Know You’re F#cking Lying
Year it began trending Primary community
2014 Social media and text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “IKYFL about where you were last night!”
    • Emotion: Accusation
    • Intention: In the example the person is using the abbreviation to accuse the other person of telling a lie.
  • “Hmm. Yeah, I don’t believe it. IKYFL!”
    • Emotion: Accusation
    • Intention: For this example, we can see the abbreviation used at the end of a sentence to suggest a strong feeling.

Popularity over time