IMY Meaning In Text

“IMY” stands for “I miss you.”

What does IMY mean?

It means “I miss you!”

Someone you know might text you out of the blue and say, “IMY!” It means, “I miss you.” It’s like someone telling you that they’re thinking about you. Or that you popped into their mind randomly!

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
IMY I miss you Affectionate
Safe for work Safe for children
No Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “Hey, just thinking about you. IMY!”
    • Emotion: Affectionate
    • Intention: Someone expressing that they miss you presence of who you are!
  • “Yeah, it’s true. I’m very sad. IMY!”
    • Emotion: Sadness
    • Intention: Sharing an expression that they’re feeling really sad