Is It Better To Take Big Or Small Hits When Smoking Weed?

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Is It Better To Take Big Or Small Hits When Smoking Weed? How do you puff on a joint? Even if you prefer to take small amounts slowly, you’ve surely heard that greater hits that are held in for a longer period of time have stronger psychoactive effects. Although many marijuana enthusiasts believe this to be true, there is not much scientific evidence to support it. Read on to learn the reality about this persistent fallacy.

It’s no secret that a plethora of erroneous pseudoscientific assertions are still being spread throughout the world’s cannabis communities. These misconceptions cover a wide range of subjects and interests. The argument between indica and sativa strains and the denial of cannabis addiction are two of the most persistent. Along with these hazy subjects, many marijuana users believe that larger doses produce stronger benefits. To learn everything you need to know about the veracity of this assertion, keep reading. Let’s start debunking myths!

Big Hits: Does How Much Weed Smoke You Breathe Matter?

You probably are all too aware with the competitive behaviors that frequently surface during cannabis smoking sessions if you first started smoking at a young age. The strongest bud, the largest joint, the largest smoke ring, and knowledge of every Snoop Dogg song ever released all elevate fellow smokers several rungs up the herbal food chain. Of course, separating the alphas from the betas also depends on who can take the largest hit in the room and hold it in for the longest. How To Drink Weed Wine

Putting all of that aside, taking and holding in huge hits—ideally without even the slightest cough—has become ingrained in the smoking ritual as a way to cut down on waste. If a smoker sees you exhale too quickly, they’ll likely raise an eyebrow. They believe that by releasing numerous valuable THC molecules prematurely, you prevented them from entering your bloodstream.

We must try to understand what is meant by a “big hit” before delving into the question of whether huge hits are significant while smoking cannabis. A huge hit entails vigorous or prolonged drawing on a joint, bong, pipe, or vape, as opposed to taking a typical puff. The length of time a smoker holds in their hit also affects how big it is. The size of the hit would unquestionably decrease if you took a huge breath and let it out half a second later.

So there you have it—a general outline of what makes a major smash. It entails a somewhat extended breath hold together with a deep, prolonged intake. Let’s now contrast enormous and small.


Are big or little hits preferable?

There isn’t a straightforward response to this query because there are numerous variables involved. The main factors to take into account are discussed below in order to resolve this hotly contested issue in the cannabis industry.

Is it Important to Hold a Hit?

So, should you hold back on your hits in an effort to reach the highest potential altitude?

As you might expect, a lot of scientists are too focused on finding treatments for illnesses and undoing environmental harm to devote the time, resources, and lab space necessary to investigate this subject. However, a couple from the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychiatry seem to have had a thing for this subject because they published a paper[1] on their findings in 1989. How do you puff on a joint?

The researchers hypothesize that at the time, cannabis users preferred to hold their hits for 10 to 15 seconds in the hope of enhancing the drug’s euphoric effects. They divided eight alert subjects into three breath-holding groups (0, 10, and 20 seconds), controlling for the variables of puff volume, puff number, and post-puff inhalation, in order to monitor the physiological, cognitive, and subjective effects of holding in a hit. The scientists went so far as to compare the quantities of carbon monoxide in exhaled air before and after smoking. What are the Top Ten Glass Bong Brands?

1. How long the smoking session lasts

Thus, we have resolved the issue of holding in hits, at least as far as the research that is currently available will allow. Let’s now focus on the amount of smoke that is inhaled in a single hit. This mostly comes down to how the smoking session was conducted.

Why rush when you may be relaxed on your couch, surrounded by smokers, with satiating delicacies, and soaked in rhythmic sound waves? You have no need to smoke a joint until your lungs are nearly empty because you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless matter whether you reach your utmost lung capacity with each hit or choose to puff away at a more passive pace, you will still reach the roach and inhale the same quantity of THC.

This all changes, though, if you have locations to go. You don’t have time for minor hits if you’re rushing out for lunch or your bus is about to arrive. Get the greatest impact your lungs can manage right now in order to deliver a quick yet powerful blow to your endocannabinoid system.

As you can see, when you think about the situation, the dogma of heavy impacts rapidly vanishes. How To Use A Vape Pen

2. THC Level

Big hits are worthwhile or not depends on your herb’s THC level. One tiny puff from a joint containing potent flowers with 25% THC will get you high just as much as numerous massive puffs from flowers with a paltry 10% value. You won’t always need to take massive hits to experience the desired effect once you have a strong understanding of your individual tolerance and the THC level of your favorite strains.

3. Individual Preferences

The decision to take large or little hits ultimately comes down to personal preference. Put expectations aside and just do what suits you at the time. If you prefer the harsh experience, take larger hits; if you prefer to take your time and savor the terpenes, take smaller ones.


What Are the Risks Associated with Heavy Hits?

When smoking marijuana, if you prefer taking huge hits, you should be aware of the possible repercussions. Unsurprisingly, smoking marijuana in a joint, blunt, or bong bowl produces heated smoke. Small doses of cocaine are enough to feel harsh on the lungs, but consuming large doses on a regular basis can irritate the lungs and airways, raising the risk of respiratory conditions including bronchitis. You could also experience short-term nausea, pain, and dizziness episodes that can spoil your high.

How to Inhale Cannabis Properly

How should you take a cannabis hit after considering the aforementioned? Although there are no rigid guidelines to follow, the following guidance will help to provide a positive and reliable experience:

You can roll a joint as you choose. Backrolling, L-sheets, and even tulips are among the many alternatives and methods available. Simply roll up a straightforward joint with a standard-sized rolling paper if you’re new to marijuana. 

Next, ignite the end of your joint with a flame while taking a slow, soft breath to get it to burn properly.

Once lighted, draw smoke gently and steadily until your mouth is about halfway full. How do you puff on a joint?

Take a breath to let the smoke enter your lungs after the initial draw.

Feel free to take a quick breath out if it’s too harsh. If you’re able to, hold the sensation for a few seconds before breathing.

Continue doing this until you get the desired high!

Comparing the Effects of Smoking and Marijuana: Which Is Better?

The active ingredient at work is the primary distinction between the two. While tobacco smokers are primarily interested in the effects of nicotine, marijuana smokers are mostly interested in the effects of THC. But it’s uncommon to see cigarette smokers hold their hit for as long as 20 seconds!

Cigarettes have a filter that helps to eliminate tar and other toxins, and they are generally less unpleasant. The cardboard roach used in joints, in contrast, allows unfiltered smoke to reach the lips and lungs.

Users who smoke tobacco or cannabis run the risk of developing respiratory illnesses, especially if they do so frequently. How to Make Weed Brownies


What About Bong Hits?

The way bongs are made filters cannabis smoke through water. Although you won’t get higher right away using this intake technique, you can accumulate a lot of smoke in the chamber and take considerably larger dosages.

Do Bigger Bongs Make You Feel Better?

You won’t always get higher just because the bong is bigger. Instead, the strength of your effects will depend on how much marijuana you put in the bowl and how much THC is in the flowers.

However, larger bongs do allow users to fill the shotgun hole with far more smoke before unleashing it. A larger bong can work better for you if you enjoy massive hits. How to Roll a Joint

Why Big Hits Are Not Necessary

When smoking marijuana, you don’t necessarily need to take massive hits unless you’re pressed for time and truly want to get high. Furthermore, you don’t have to hold hits in for a long period of time. THC quickly permeates lung cell membranes and enters the bloodstream. There is no benefit to inhaling marijuana smoke for longer than 10 to 20 seconds. The science that is currently available on this subject is still largely superficial, but it eventually demonstrates that holding in heavy hits has little impact. The final word? Don’t give in to irrational expectations or trends; instead, use marijuana in a way that appeals to you. How do you puff on a joint?