Is Magic Mushroom Legal in Canada?

Is Magic Mushroom Legal in Canada? Currently, magic mushrooms are illegal in Canada. That means you cannot produce, possess, or obtain magic mushrooms or products containing psilocybin in Canada. Magic mushrooms are classified as Schedule III drugs under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. However, the law allows patients with medical prescriptions to buy psilocybin mushrooms from licensed magic mushrooms suppliers in Canada.

Exceptions to the law

Online psilocybin mushroom suppliers exist in Canada that sell magic mushrooms and other products containing psilocybin to persons with medical prescriptions. Another group that’s allowed to possess magic mushrooms and related products are researchers or persons conducting clinical trials. Although the possession, sale, and production of microdose mushrooms Canada is prohibited, the buying of mushroom growing kits and spores is legal. You can purchase spores, growing kits, and anything you need to grow psilocybin mushrooms. This aspect somehow creates confusion around the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms Canada.

Confusion surrounding the legality of psilocybin mushrooms

Recently, the Canadian government allowed four terminally ill patients to use magic mushrooms for therapy. These four patients had sought to be allowed to use psilocybin mushrooms to help ease their end-of-life anxiety and depression. The four patients are the first people to legally use microdose mushroom Canada since they became illegal in 1974. The fact that the Canadian government acknowledged the pain and anxiety the four patients have been suffering points to the beginning of the push to have magic mushrooms legalized.

Legal use of magic mushrooms for therapy

Clinical trials have shown that microdose mushrooms Canada can help to relieve cancer-related anxiety and depression. Moreover, these mushrooms improve one’s attitudes toward death. There are many other health benefits of using psilocybin mushrooms including PTSD management, addiction treatment, and social benefits. With their health benefits, psilocybin mushrooms have a fighting chance at making a comeback in Canada.

Health benefits of microdose mushrooms

Experts believe that this is a very important step towards the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms. Magic mushrooms have particularly drawn interest from both medical and recreational users with many people touting it as the new miracle drug. In the recent past, stock market speculators have referred to psychedelics as “the next billion-dollar industry.” This implies that Canada could be ready to legalize magic mushrooms.

Already there are clinical trials being conducted in various parts of the world to authoritatively determine the potency of magic mushrooms in medical application. Is Magic Mushroom Legal in Canada?

Push for legalization

The push to legalize magic mushrooms in Canada dates back to 9000 B.C. when psychedelic substances were used for spiritual purposes in many parts of the world. Magic mushrooms became popular in western civilizations in the 50s. They were widely used in the 60s. Psilocybin mushrooms were outlawed in Canada in 1974 following the Convention on Psychotropic Substances in 1971, whose aim was to control psychotropic substances globally.

Future prospects

The future of psilocybin mushrooms in Canada looks promising going by the recent events, though there seems to be a long way to go. Unlike in the past, psilocybin prosecution has become a low priority. Many dispensaries offering magic mushrooms online have opened in recent years and the trend seems to be taking an upward trajectory.


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