LOL Meaning In Text

“LOL” stands for “laugh out loud.”

What does LOL mean?

It means “laughing out loud” or “laugh out loud.”

If you’re having a conversation with a friend and they want to tell you that something that happened or maybe part of the conversation is funny—they may tell you “LOL!”

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
LOL Laugh out loud or laughing out loud Laughing and humor
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes

Examples and other meanings

  • “LOL this seriously happened?”
    • Emotion: Silly
    • Intention: Adding additional context to the conversation by telling you something is funny.
  • “Wow, I can’t believe that happened. LOL!”
    • Emotion: Annoyance
    • Intention: Laughing but also at the same time—not laughing. Expressing some annoyance.

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