What are the best magic mushrooms to start with?

The best magic mushrooms to start with

starting with the best magic mushrooms. What are the best magic mushrooms to start with is the most common query from those looking to enter the world of producing magic mushrooms. Unlike when we attempt to determine which magic mushrooms are the most potent, the answer to this question does appear to be quite universal: magic mushrooms from Mexico.

Why are Mexican magic mushrooms the best to start with and what are they?

Mexico magic mushrooms are a subspecies of the Psilocybe cubensis species, which specialists and specialty shops frequently recommend as the best to start with. The cause? These magic mushrooms have quicker and easier growth rates, but their effects aren’t as strong as those of other varieties.

These Mexican magic mushrooms have a hood that is slightly round and light in color. It is a strain whose vigor and ease of upkeep are its most notable qualities.

How can I buy Mexican magic mushrooms?

You may purchase them in the majority of specialized retailers because they are a variant of Psilocybe cubensis. You can inoculate your own homemade substrate with them by finding them ready to grow in spore vials, spore syringes, and magic mushroom loaves.

There are truffle versions of these Mexican magic mushrooms as well. A fungus with hallucinogenic qualities includes truffles as a component. The Mexican truffles that grow from Mexico magic mushrooms have characteristics that are quite comparable to those of their “moms,” in other words. They are also regarded as the ideal truffles to begin with.

What care do Mexican magic mushrooms need?

Unlike other varieties, these magic mushrooms don’t require any extra maintenance. They are highly resilient, even though you will need to provide them with the bare minimum of care:


The ideal temperature for them to grow readily and quickly is around 23oC. You don’t need anything if your home is 23°C. It is advised that you get a heater if you reside in a chilly climate. These are easily accessible in any of the aforementioned retailers.


You won’t need to acquire a special lamp unless you reside in a zulo without windows because these magic mushrooms have no particular lighting requirements. They require artificial light from a lamp in your home or indirect sunshine. Never place magic mushrooms where they will receive direct sunlight because doing so could lead them to lose their properties.


They don’t require a lot. The amount required will be specified in the grow kit instructions, but you will typically only need to soak the substrate as soon as you open the box and then spritz it with water every few days.