Making Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

Making Psilocybin Mushroom Tea. Making tea is great with psilocybin mushrooms. There’s almost no better way to enjoy the thought-provoking and introspective benefits of magic mushrooms. You can try it out yourself and buy shrooms Canada.

If you want a more relaxed way to dose your magic mushrooms that are different from the regular way like taking it as a capsule or eating it raw, then you can make a nice cup of shroom tea that will help to boost your serotonin levels. The tea preparation procedure can also be used as a time to contemplate and allow you to shift your mod to fit the experience you want to have. 

How is the Shroom Tea Experience Different?

Drinking mushroom tea can make your magic mushrooms much easier to digest. If you take shroom capsules, shrooms pills, or eat the magic mushrooms raw, you might experience some nausea. When you steep shrooms and extract the psilocybin, it prevents you from digesting chitin. Chitin is a derivative of glucose and it can be found in the cellular structure that is a component of the tissue in the fungi. This is quite different from vegetation, with those ells containing cellulose instead of chitin. Chitin is indigestible, which is what makes it cause nausea, a well-known symptom of indigestion. 

Steeping magic mushrooms in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes causes the chitin and other compounds to break down and that makes digestion much easier. Also, you can put some psilocybin into your water by simply running hot water into your mushroom dose. You can also strain the chunks of magic mushroom out of your mix but putting the tea into a strainer. Of course, you can get your favorite mushrooms when you buy shrooms online 

People that love to drink tea say that taking shroom tea makes the effect of psilocybin come much quicker than just eating the mushrooms. This is because the hot water works to extract the psilocybin from the mushrooms, and this makes it easily available. However, it is also said that the effect of shroom tea does not last as long as the other methods of consumption. 

Part of it being more easily available has to do with how the mushrooms are grounded before being steeped, and this creates a larger surface area to extract the psilocybin. When you make the tea, you can also improve its effect and taste by adding some other ingredients. You can get many accessories and additives when you buy shrooms Canada.

How To Make Magic Mushroom Tea

There are a couple of easy ways that you can make tea:

Hot water extraction method: The first decision you make after you buy shrooms online is the dosage. You need to measure it accurately first. You might need to use a scale to help you measure the right amount. Then, grind your magic mushrooms and heat the water. This is when you can add ginger to help in calming your stomach, and then you can put the ground mushroom in the hot water, allowing it to steep. Then, you can strain that water into a cup and add some flavoring to make it taste better. Here are five easy steps to follow:

1. Chop up about a teaspoon of ginger, and put it in a cup that can contain about 6 to 8 ounces of water.

2. Add the ground mushrooms to the dose you measured.

3. Pour the hot water into the cup and stir the mixture. You could also put in a teabag to make the mix more flavourful.

4. Let it steep for 10 to 15 minutes, and then you can pour the liquid into a strainer in a cup of equal size.

5. You can also add honey to it to make it taste better. 

Lemon Juice Extraction Method: Again, the first important decision you make is measuring precisely the dosage of your mushrooms. Several magic mushroom tea drinkers have spoken about how orange juice and lemon juice work to make the effects of magic mushroom tea more intense because it extracts more psilocybin out of the mushroom. This can also be referred to as lemon tekking. The citric acid contained in citrus fruits helps to intensify the magic mushroom experience. These are the steps to make your magic mushroom tea with the lemon juice extraction method:

1. Grind up your magic mushrooms into a powder.

2. Squeeze out some citrus juice into the powder until it is completely covered and saturated.

3. Let it sit for 20 minutes, but stir it every five minutes.

4. You can then decide to strain it into your tea or you can take the mixture as it is.

Psilocybin mushrooms are a great hallucinogen. There are different species with varying levels of potency, so be mindful of the dosage you choose for whatever species you buy.