OFC Meaning In Text

“OFC” stands for “Of Course.”

What does OFC mean?

Abbreviation “OFC” means “Of Course.” It’s someone giving affirmation or confirmation to another person (usually in a response to a question).

It is considered appropriate to use at work. And it is considered child safe to use.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
OFC Of Course Affirmation
Safe for work Safe for children
Yes Yes
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
Of Course Of Course
Year it began trending Primary community
2015 Text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “OFC you can!”
    • Emotion: Affirmation
    • Intention: This example, the person is saying “OFC” to respond to a question and suggest that everything is okay.
  • “Yes, I was telling her that. She was like, OFC!”
    • Emotion: Happy
    • Intention: What we can see in this example is the “OFC” abbreviation can get used at the end of a sentence as well. Mostly, to refer to someone saying yes to another person.

Popularity over time