Penis Envy Mushroom Effects

Penis Envy Mushroom Effects. Are you new to the amazing world of mushrooms and want to know what the effects of the well-known Penis Envy strain are like?

As it becomes increasingly well-known, a lot of aspiring researchers will be curious to find out what it’s like to “trip” on these enchanted mushrooms.

Before we go any further, though, please be aware that the penis envy mushroom spores that Fungushead sells are solely meant to be used for taxonomy and microscopy. We oppose the growing of magic mushrooms and its ingestion.

Let’s examine the fungus species known as “Penis Envy” in its entirety, discussing its effects and application in modern medicine.

What Is Unique About A Mushroom Like Penis Envy

So what qualities make a certain mushroom, like penis envy, worthy of the title of “majestic”?

Throughout human history, ancient cave paintings, documents, and constructions have all made reference to and mentioned fungi and mushrooms. They are still mentioned in a lot of books, movies, music, and pop culture. Penis Envy and other strains may also have useful medical qualities, according to recent studies.

In general, mushrooms are tiny and range in color from brown and tan to golden beige. Mushrooms don’t seem like very much at first glance. The scientific name really means “bald head,” which is an appropriate description given their rather unremarkable appearance. But for those who have consumed it, it has utterly altered their reality.

It is typical for people to confuse wild mushrooms with a variety of other toxic fungi. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the distinction and how to recognize mushrooms. Particularly while seeking for the impacts of Penis Envy.

The Glory That Is Penis Envy Mushrooms

From a scientific perspective, Penis Envy mushrooms are a strain of Psilocybe cubensis and are members of the Hymenogastraceae family of fungi. Although this particular fungus is illegal in many countries, it is collected and produced for recreational and entheogenic purposes.

These mushrooms are referred to as “the most majestic” by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets due to their stunning color and ability to morph. They are easily recognized due to their size, golden color, and mutant penis-like appearance. Thus, the fitting moniker.


The moisture level of the mushroom determines its color. And handling it causes it to oxidize (expose to oxygen) and turn bluish.

Penis Envy is not only more potent than its relatives, but it also looks different. As the fungus ages, the mushrooms get noticeably bigger, thicker, and have wider caps. Their bulbous top has been reported to occasionally split from their stem due to genuine genetics.

One highly effective mushroom strain that is well-known for its effects is Penis Envy. The origin of Penis Envy is still unknown because the known history of these mushrooms is extensive and somewhat limited.

Effects of Alleged Penis Envy Mushrooms

For the majority of mushroom enthusiasts, Penis Envy is the clear winner. It’s interesting to note that persons under the age of 34 are the biggest fans of mushrooms.

Penis Envy Mushroom users who have tried mushrooms and had the following effects have reported:

Higher emotional intensity, more introspection, and modified psychological functioning are examples of hypnagogic experiences.

Perceptual Shifts: Variations in perceptual shifts, such as blending different sensory modalities, synaesthesia, and illusions.

Visual Perception: Potential alterations in visual perception, such as the appearance of halos around lights and objects or closed-eye geometric patterns.

From a personal standpoint, feelings and ideas may begin to shift.

Emotional Transitions: More intense feelings, both positive and negative. Many advise against battling either of these emotions. Instead, give them time to finish. Many people who express intensely negative feelings also feel simultaneously calm and accepting. Particularly if they remind themselves that these feelings are fleeting, they discover that they are no longer attached to these feelings.

The benefits of Penis Envy mushrooms are typically long-lasting for most people.

In contrast to other drugs, hallucinogens—which the NSDUH lists as LSD, PCP, peyote, mescaline, mushrooms, and MDMA (ecstasy)—were used by 1.2% of the population of people 12 years of age and older in the past month, according to a report based on data from the 2010 study.

The Different Dosages of Penis Envy Mushrooms

The right amount of mushrooms to take depends on what you plan to use them for. Penis Envy, like other psychedelics, frequently brings unconscious sensations and thoughts to consciousness. This comprises suppressed memories, emotions related to one’s situation in life, fantasies, or intense fears.

We acknowledge that some people are curious even though we do not advise consuming these chemicals. Having said that, it’s crucial for someone who wants to experience it for themselves to be prepared to respond openly and thoughtfully to strange or difficult ideas, images, and sensations. Using Penis Envy—or any shroom—with a reliable person who isn’t intoxicated is also advised. This individual will serve as a “guide,” keeping the user away from risky situations.

Although doses of 3.4–4 mg are thought to be active for mushrooms, 14–30 mg is a typical dose utilized in clinical research settings.

A variety of mushroom dosages utilized in clinical studies are listed below, along with the corresponding medical condition that each dosage was intended to treat:

  • 0.314 mg (oral, per kg of body weight): Patients with life-threatening cancer have significant and long-lasting reductions in anxiety and sadness after taking mushrooms: In a double-blind, randomized experiment, Griffiths and associates, Psychopharmacology Journal, 2016.
  • 0.286–0.429 mg (orally, per kilogram of body weight): 5-HT2AR antagonist mushrooms as a pilot study for tobacco addiction treatment Journal of Psychopharmacology, Johnson et al., 2014.
  • 0.3–0.4 mg (orally, per kilogram of body weight): A proof-of-concept research on the use of mushrooms in the treatment of alcohol dependence Journal of Psychopharmacology, Bogenschutz et al., 2015.
  • Oral dose: 10–25 mg; not based on body weight 1) An open-label feasibility study using mushrooms to treat depression resistant to therapy, The Lancet, Carhart-Harris et al. (2016) 2) In treatment-resistant depression, emotional face recognition is improved by mushrooms when paired with psychological support. 3) Effects of mushroom therapy on personality structure, Stroud et al., Psychopharmacology, 2018, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, Erritzoe et al., 2018.
  • 2 mg (intravenous, not based on body weight): ramifications for psychotherapy utilizing psychedelics: a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging and mushrooms, 2012’s British Journal of Psychiatry; Carhart-Harris et al.

The effects of penis envy mushrooms are often experienced when consumed orally. Either as a tea brewed from the dried caps and stems. Usually between one and two and a half grams.

People often prefer bitter flavors in tea or food combinations to conceal their taste. Covering them in chocolate is a popular way to employ sweetness to balance the harshness.

Are the Effects of Penis Envy Mushrooms Supposed to be Safe?


Among this surge of study, the outdated stereotypes about mushrooms appear to be evolving swiftly. It was recently announced by the US Food and Drug Administration that shrooms are a “breakthrough therapy” for depression.

In 89 healthy volunteers, a large study conducted in late 2019 revealed “no serious adverse effects” and no detrimental impacts on cognitive or emotional functioning.

2019 saw the decriminalization of mushrooms in the American cities of Denver and Oakland, and similar initiatives are currently under way elsewhere. Including those at the state level. Since all narcotics are now legal in Oregon. Citizens can now use Penis Envy mushrooms without worrying about being charged with a crime.

The effects of penis envy are quite subjective and based on the user’s attitude as well as the context (set and setting) in which they are experiencing it.

Timothy Leary and associates at Harvard University looked at how setting and context affected the effects of mushrooms in the early 1960s. Leary and his associates administered fungi to 175 participants from diverse backgrounds in a controlled living room setting. Questionnaires were distributed to 98 participants in order to gauge their experiences as well as the impact of situational and background elements.

Compared to others, those who had previously used shrooms—such as Penis Envy mushrooms—reported more favorable experiences.

A few key factors that affected the medication reaction were expectancy, preparation, dosage, and group size. Those who were assigned to groups larger than eight people reported less support from the groups and fewer enjoyable experiences overall. Less than six people in a group were perceived as more supportive and elicited more favorable responses.

According to Leary and his associates, mushrooms increase suggestibility, which increases a person’s susceptibility to social interactions and external cues. Josten Berge (1999) verified in a review that the experience of playing with the impacts on artists’ creativity is contingent upon the dosage, set, and setting.


It’s normal to be wary and worry that you might have a “bad trip.” When taken improperly, the effects of penis envy mushrooms might include hallucinations, paranoia, and dangerous behavior. While unpleasant experiences are unavoidable, they can be reduced by using Penis Envy mushrooms sensibly and with an open mind.

One way to reduce the hazards associated with psychedelic experiences is to be informed and ready before going on one.

Shrooms have a comparatively high therapeutic index of 641 according to the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (higher values equate to a better safety profile). In contrast, aspirin has a therapeutic index of 199, while nicotine has a therapeutic index of 21.

Penis Envy mushrooms almost never carry a risk of a deadly overdose. Though occasionally users may act recklessly while under the effect. In addition to the danger of eating anything growing in the wild. There is a chance that you could inadvertently consume toxic mushrooms.

It is essential for safety to learn and comprehend everything there is to know about fungus. Another essential component of a successful learning process is locating a trustworthy and credible information source. Please feel free to go through our blog’s other articles to find out more.