Psilocybe Natalensis mushroom (Blue Meanies)

Are you curious about the Psilocybe Natalensis mushroom, additionally called “Blue Meanies”? If you like weird morphology, great potency, and specific organisms, this put up is for you! in this famous article, we’ll cowl literally the entirety you want to recognize almost this revered mushroom, excluding cultivation techniques.

This publication outlines that cultivation in the US is 100% illegal and should not be attempted, primarily for educational purposes. Our Blue Meanies spores ought to most effective be used for microscopy & taxonomy, and now not cultivation. With that stated, there are many areas of the globe where these mushrooms are legal, and a public mindset is converting here within the states as nicely. In due time, perhaps they may be felony to grow! Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms?

Blue Meanies Mushrooms

white mushroom in a dark background

Historical past Of The Psilocybe Natalensis

History of Psilocybe Natalensis

This fairly mighty psilocybe became first created and rebranded via a mycologist known as “The Keeper,” and has been the reason of sufficient confusion within the mycology network. “Blue Meanies” befell to be the nickname of a Panaeolus Cyanescens range lengthy before “The Keeper” commenced advertising the Blue Meanies. however, the 2 aren’t associated in any respect. in the beginning, ” The Keeper” become below the impact that his version of blue meanies become a pressure of P. Cubensis, the popular & commonplace “magic mushroom”. Can Magic Mushrooms Really Kill You?

However, after thorough genetic testing, the mushroom become amused in a category of its very own as Psilocybe Natalensis. confusing, right? long tale quick, “Blue Meanies“, extra regularly than no longer, is referring to the magic mushroom species referred to as Psilocybe Natalensis.
fast ahead to 2023, and Psilocybe Natalensis has turn out to be one of the extra popular strains amongst mycologists, hobbyists, & psychonauts alike.

moreover, Why? properly, they’re lovely, full of life like P. Cubensis, and extraordinarily potent. Humbly started out as a laboratory creation, this stress has come a totally lengthy way.
just to clean this up, right here are all the names for Psilocybe Natalensis that you can see within the mycology atmosphere:
Blue Meanies
superb Natal power
P. Natalensis or simply “Natelensis”

Identity & physical trends

Figuring out blue meanies isn’t always the trickiest element within the world, but it simply takes a few exercise to notice its differentiating traits. in case you notice those attributes in a mushroom, you are possibly looking at Psilocybe Natalensis:

Carmel-colored cap in middle, fading into white on edges.
thin, lengthy, however robust stems
dark, nipple-like middle of the cap
Deep, blue bruising whilst touched
dark pink to brownish spores
darkish grey gills
it’s miles essential to be aware that these functions are not too diverse from different traces of P. Cubensis just like the Mazatapec stress.

Psilocybe Natalensis Mushrooms

herbal Habitat

Records on the herbal habitat of Psilocybe Natalensis is extremely restricted, as we are simply beginning to study its prevalence & function in nature. however, there are accounts that it originated in South Africa developing from cow pastures. usually, people recollect the natural habitat of P. Natalensis to be pretty similar to P. Cubensis, which is a secondary decomposer and prefers to colonize cow dung, or comparable sorts of decaying count. How Long Does it Take For Shrooms to Kick In?

Generally, it grows in humid areas with numerous moisture content, however Natalensis is a piece extra resilient in terms of moisture content material. Having said that, don’t expect to go outside and see blue meanies unless, of course, you or someone you know has sprayed their spores into untamed soils or pastures. To reiterate, Nats grow in a manner that is strikingly similar to Cubensis when they develop erratically. Frankly, the same is proper for indoor cultivation despite it being unlawful in a great deal of the us. Albino A+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

Dried Blue Meanies Mushrooms


Makes use of & results

Is P. Natalensis Psychoactive?

When psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin are combined, the plant Psilocybe Natalensis produces powerful psychedelic effects.
The term “magic mushroom” usually refers to P. Cubensis, but blue meanies are 100% psychoactive as nicely. The evidence is in the blue bruising! Squeeze the Natalensis mushroom stem, and it will turn a deep blue color within seconds. Huautla Magic Mushroom – Full Strain Guide

That reaction is evidence that psilocybin is present in your mushroom, and is commonly a tell-story signal of which mushrooms will make you ride. but, there are Bolete species that bruise blue as nicely, so be cautious. As you will fast study, blue meanies are powerful, and have to be handled with great care.

A way to prepare Psilocybe Natalensis Mushrooms

Depending on the consumer’s interests and desired results, there are several ways to ingest blue meanies.
Some popular strategies include:

Consuming sparkling mushrooms on their own or incorporating them into food. preparing the mushrooms for use in teas, tablet tablets, or as an ingredient in other meals by first drying and then eroding them. Additionally, it enabled long-term storage. Dry or sparkling mushrooms are cooked in water for 15 to 20 minutes, filtered, and then consumed as a blue meanie.

Finally, Incorporating blue meanie mushrooms into smoothies or other liquids to masks the flavor.
regardless of how you choose to eat those mushrooms, it’s far essential to begin with a low dose and continue with warning, because the consequences can be amazing and long-lasting. Take more precaution because I think Psilocybin Natal ensis to be 3 times more effective than even the most remarkable P. Cubensi traces.