Psilocybin Therapy is Mushrooming


Psilocybin therapy, often known as psilocybin-assisted therapy, is any form of professional therapy provided by a therapist who incorporates psilocybin—the primary psychoactive component of magic mushrooms—into their approach. Therapy approaches might vary based on the therapist, but they are typically structured similarly. Psilocybin Therapy is Mushrooming

Psilocybin is given after a preliminary evaluation to verify a patient’s suitability for treatment, and the patient will be supervised by the therapist as the drug takes effect. In order to frame the experience and get the patient ready for the session, the therapist will talk about the patient’s problems, intents, and goals during the evaluation phase.

The therapist typically takes a backseat once the session itself gets going, letting the patient and the psilocybin do the heavy lifting. The patient typically sits or lies down during these sessions, which are typically done in a comfortable, calm environment.

The goal is to create a setting with just the right amount of stimulation to promote independent thought without being too intrusive for someone who is in a hallucinogenic condition.

HOW EFFECTIVE IS PSILOCYBIN THERAPY? Mushrooming is Psilocybin Treatment.

Studies on psilocybin therapy have primarily used patient self-reports. Yet in a 2017 study, a team of researchers looked more closely at the workings of psilocybin and how it impacts people with treatment-resistant depression.

Before to and following psilocybin administration, the researchers measured cerebral blood flow and brain activity with MRI technology. All of the patients had a reduction in their depressive symptoms after the treatment within one week, and for nearly half of them, the reduction persisted for at least five weeks.

The researchers discovered a correlation between these remarkable findings and the patient brain scans: blood flow had decreased in regions that control emotional responses, tension, and terror.

These results are in line with prior psychedelic brain scans’ findings about the default mode network’s modifications. The researchers suggested a “reset treatment mechanism” that would enable patients to separate themselves from their anxiety or sadness.

There isn’t a ton of evidence whole back up psilocybin’s therapeutic effectiveness. Even said, the few studies that have looked into psilocybin have all produced encouraging results.

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The majority of psilocybin therapy research has focused on treating melancholy and anxiety, although it has also shown promise in treating addiction, PTSD, and cluster headaches.

The “reset” mechanism theory will help us understand how psilocybin therapy might operate. We are able to separate from our default state, which is frequently polluted or repressive, by using psilocybin in a therapeutic situation. Psilocybin therapy takes place in a single session or a series of sessions, unlike many other therapies now in use, and may not require ongoing use. Psilocybin can have long-lasting effects from a single intense event.

Psilocybin therapy may be helpful as an occasional pick-me-up for overall wellness even for persons without severe anxiety, depression, or other treatment-resistant mental diseases.


Finding a reliable facility for psilocybin therapy is difficult because the drug is prohibited in the majority of the world. There are, however, jurisdictions where psilocybin is legal and psilocybin retreat facilities are accessible.

Truffles containing psilocybin are still permissible to eat in the Netherlands. Synthesis, located just outside of Amsterdam, provides a variety of retreats, including women-only retreats and private retreats. In addition to their psilocybin therapy, they also provide assistance with coaching for quitting smoking.

Psilocybin is still lawful in Mexico if used in a traditional or sacramental setting, where there is another therapy center.

A shaman in the area collaborates with The Buena Vida to offer a safe and legal psilocybin therapy session.

There are various other reputable facilities for psychedelic therapy, depending on your schedule.


The legality, safety, and efficacy of psilocybin therapy are three factors you should think about if you’re interested in attempting it on your own.

Finding a sitter or other someone to facilitate your experience and keep you safe is strongly encouraged. If you are not adequately prepared, using psilocybin alone might cause discomfort and even danger, especially if you are trying to treat a mental disease.

The effectiveness of a dedicated psilocybin retreat center may be tough to match on your own because these facilities typically employ a large group of professionals who are all educated to optimize the therapeutic benefits of your psilocybin experience.

While letting psilocybin do the work is the ultimate goal, psilocybin therapy will be most effective when set up and facilitated by skilled individuals.

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The use of psilocybin in treatment is more beneficial now than ever. The number of retreat centers is rising, psilocybin is becoming less of a criminal offense in more cities, and the FDA has approved psilocybin clinical research.

There are already a few studies and a lot of anecdotal data that can speak to psilocybin’s capacity to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental diseases. But, much more research is required before we can make any firm claims regarding the effectiveness of psilocybin therapy.

We could soon see a revolution in the field of mental health and wellbeing as more people and governments become amenable to the use of psilocybin and other psychedelics.

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