SMDH Meaning In Text

“SMDH” stands for “Shaking My Damn Head.”

What does SMDH mean?

Abbreviation “SMDH” means “Shaking My Damn Head.” It’s very similar to SMH. In the sense that the person is trying to express that something is happening that’s not so great. Usually, referring to a situation or something that someone said. The “damn” part is an additional expression.

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
SMDH Shaking My Damn Head Embarassment
Safe for work Safe for children
No No
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
Shaking My Damn Head Shaking My Damn Head
Year it began trending Primary community
2022 Text messaging and social media

Examples and other meanings

  • “SMDH, she needs to go home!”
    • Emotion: Anger
    • Intention: The message shows that someone is trying to express disappointment or anger in the situation.
  • “Why would you do that!? SMDH!”
    • Emotion: Confused
    • Intention: It can get used to show someone that they are not approving of something that someone did.

Popularity over time