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The Best Ways to Store Your Pre-Rolls

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The Best Ways to Store Your Pre-Rolls. Pre-rolled cones and straights have long been one of the most popular ways for consumers to enjoy marijuana. Pre-rolls take all the fuss out of rolling your own, so they are a go-to for those who just want to enjoy some puffs as fast as possible. Most cannabis lovers have experienced the disappointment of returning to their unfinished pre-roll only to find they have gone stale.  

If you are a business that has mastered how to make pre-rolls, packaging them is the next step. Just like customers who want to keep their products fresh, the storage in which you package your pre-roll products should enable them to have a substantial shelf life – in both dispensaries and after they’ve been purchased. Pre-roll packaging is something customers look for in their products, so packaging with trustworthy storage containers is a perfect way to ensure your business thrives. 

How Long Do Pre-Rolls Last?

The Best Ways to Store Your Pre-Rolls

So how long are joints good for? While there’s no set guideline on how long do pre-rolls stay fresh or when they “expire .”However, the longer they are left in the open without storage, the more likely they will go bad. Stale joints won’t taste good, and the hits will be harsher. The cannabis also loses potency and will burn faster; after a year, cannabis loses 16% of its THC. No one wants that, so knowing how to store your pre-rolls will keep them in the best condition for smoking!

It would be best if you also looked out for the possibility that your pre-rolls can get moldy. If kept in very moist conditions, the weed will get soggy and be harder to light, eventually leading to mold growth. Every storage option you consider should be airtight to prevent unwanted moisture from seeping in.

How to Save a Joint

The Best Ways to Store Your Pre-Rolls

Whether you want to save an unsmoked joint or keep one you’ve started to finish later, knowing how to store joints is essential for any pre-roll manufacturer or pre-roll smoker. We will review some of the best, safest, and most effective joint storage options. All the storage options we recommend are airtight to prevent moisture levels from rising. 


Jars are a staple to any cannabis consumer. If you are storing many joints, you can’t go wrong placing them in a jar. Plastic and glass jars are durable to make traveling and handling easier. Sturdy jars also help prevent pre-rolls from snapping. 


Tubes are a popular way that pre-roll businesses package joints. Most tubes are for single joints. The airtight seal protects pre-rolls from moisture, and tubes also have the durability jars do while providing more discreet storage. Plastic and glass tubes are resealable to ensure that you can keep pre-roll fresh and reuse the packaging for your next J. 


Joint boxes are a sleek way to keep multiple joints handy. Boxes have many options, including pre-roll tins and cardboard boxes. If you operate a pre-roll business, boxes with inserts to hold joints look sophisticated. Customers can slip them into pockets, purses, and bags discreetly. 


Mylar bags have long dominated the marijuana packaging market. Mylar bags can be reused for several purposes, and storing pre-rolls is a favorite. While mylar bags are what businesses use, if you are at home with an unfinished joint and no marijuana reusable packaging, a Ziploc bag will save you! As long as you seal it tightly, it will function as pre-roll storage. 

Other Pre-Roll Storage Tips and Tricks

The Best Ways to Store Your Pre-Rolls

Finding the perfect pre-roll storage packaging is the first step, but don’t forget that the conditions you leave the container affect the marijuana. For example, leaving your jar of joints outside in the beating summer sun every day will likely have damaging effects on your pre-rolls. That is why you should store your saved and packaged pre-rolls in places that aren’t overexposed to sunlight. 

If you cannot store your pre-rolls immediately, keep them in a dry and shaded place until you can get a container for them. This will help keep them fresh until they are sealed in the packaging of your choice! 
Don’t let your pre-roll or yourself down by allowing it to grow stale in the open; use high-quality pre-roll packaging to protect the quality of your pre-rolls so you can enjoy them whenever you want!