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Too High For The Holidays? These Three Items May Help

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Too High For The Holidays? These Three Items May Help. Getting high is a delightful experience. Christmas time is all about getting jolly, which is why plenty of people spark up during the Holidays. But what do you do when you get too high during a Christmas gathering?

It has happened to every stoner at least once; for whatever reason, you become the center of attention, and you might begin to start overthinking and wonder if your cover is blown. Do not let an unexpected social situation ruin your high. Make sure to obtain any of the following three items to minimize the effects of smoking too much, courtesy of the Fresh Toast.

The best part about the following items is that you can purchase them almost anywhere. You can find these at most gas stations if you are on the go.


In case you might be wondering, CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is a naturally occurring chemical found in cannabis plants. CBD and THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) are the two most popular cannabinoids.

A study published last month shows that consuming CBD while getting high can help offset some of the side effects associated with THC. If you feel like you took too many puffs and want to mellow out a little bit, then it helps to have CBD-infused products on hand.

CBD gummies are tasty and more inconspicuously consumable than vaping CBD. Depending on the location and group of people, you can vape CBD freely whenever you feel too high singing Christmas carols.

The great thing about CBD-infused products is that they are legal if they contain less than 0.3% of THC. So CBD will not get you high but instead act as a counterbalance to the effects of THC, which is why every stoner should have CBD edibles prepared for the Holidays.

If you plan to travel with CBD for the holidays, check out our CBD traveling guide!


Whether it is nice organic hemp wrap or a clear glass water bong, one of the side effects of smoking is cottonmouth. When put under the spotlight while you are too high, you may deal with increased thirst.

Quench your thirst and balance out your elevated high with lemonade! Nothing can top freshly squeezed lemonade, but it is the holidays, and not everyone has the time to handpick lemons and squeeze the juice out of them just for a small glass.

It can be a basic lemonade, or you can treat yourself and purchase a more natural lemonade to help you stay refreshed and keep your mind from floating away. Plus, lemonade is delicious and does not raise suspicion at all.

The citrus in lemons contains limonene, a common terpene found in cannabis strains. According to a study, limonene is known to have a calming effect which is helpful in situations when you are super baked during Christmas.


Having a hard time getting ahold of CBD edibles or did not have time to grab a lemonade? Ibuprofen is another excellent choice to help you relax a little bit after smoking a whole joint to yourself before Christmas dinner.

Ibuprofen is a common pain reliever found in the majority of homes. One study shows that taking one of these pills when too high can help clear brain fog.

This holiday season, enjoy staying warm by a chestnut-roasted fire while you indulge in cookies and hot cocoa. If you plan to get high, keep any of the three mentioned items with you to help make your Christmas a memorable one!