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Top 3 Mushrooms For Sleep

Top 3 Mushrooms For Sleep. Most people will encounter some kind of sleep issues throughout their lifetime. It can be challenging to fall asleep when you’ve got something on your mind, so you should consider using mushrooms for restful sleep support.

Why are mushrooms so beneficial for sleep?

Keep reading as we explain the importance of sleep health and how mushrooms can help you sleep better. Your sleep is essential, so take care of it! At Mushroom Revival, we believe mushrooms are the future of health and wellness – check out our blogs to learn more about their beautiful properties.

Sleep Health: Circadian Rhythm And Hormones

Healthy sleep looks like this:

  • Falling asleep within 10-15 minutes of getting into bed.
  • Sleeping through the night, with fewer than 2 sleep disturbances.
  • Falling back to sleep within 20 minutes of waking up.
  • You feel well-rested and energized in the morning. 

The circadian rhythm is a cycle your body goes through every 24 hours, where different hormones are released. It balances the hormones melatonin and cortisol, the stress hormones, and the sleep hormones. These hormones fluctuate throughout the day depending on your sleep and wake cycle.

Your cortisol levels should be low at bedtime and higher during the day. Your melatonin levels should be higher at bedtime and lower during the day. However, when stressed, your stress hormones can increase, causing sleep disorders and sleep disturbance.

Impacts Of Poor Sleep Health

You can suffer some nasty consequences when your circadian rhythm is out of whack. Here’s what will happen if you have poor sleep health:

  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Poor balance
  • Low sex drive
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor focus and concentration
  • Memory issues
  • Mood issues
  • Accidents 

Poor sleep health can cause all the issues listed above and can take a toll on your quality of life. Prioritizing quality sleep can help you to have more energy, feel more balanced, and have improved focus throughout the day. In the rest of this post, we will discuss how mushrooms may help you sleep better and get that good night’s sleep you’ve been craving.

Do Mushrooms Help You Sleep?

There is a category of mushrooms called functional mushrooms. Functional mushrooms have health properties that go beyond their nutritional composition. They provide support for general health and well-being and can even support sleep.

This is because many functional mushrooms are adaptogenic. Adaptogens help your body manage occasional stress. Stress management is the cornerstone of sleep health and can help prevent nail-biting and overthinking from becoming your nightly routine.

Best 3 Mushrooms For Sleep

Now that you know why sleep health is important, let’s discuss how mushrooms can help you get there.

Mushrooms for Sleep - Mushroom Revival - Reishi Mushrooms


Reishi mushrooms are renowned for being sleep’s best friend. You can use reishi mushrooms for sleep, or you can use them for managing occasional stress. They are adaptogenic mushrooms, which are excellent for supporting occasional stress management. Reishi mushrooms can also help support your cardiovascular health.

You can’t consume reishi mushrooms alone – they’re far too bitter and chewy. Instead, many people choose to use supplements and add them to their favorite drinks. Reishi mushrooms before bed can help you to feel calmer and relaxed before bedtime, assisting your soft descent into sleep. Find your zen with reishi mushrooms for rest.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane can support your focus throughout the day if you suffer from occasional restlessness and can help your body to return to its natural sleep cycle. Lion’s Mane is like a helpful friend that creates a nice harmony between mental clarity and relaxation. That’s why bedtime is when many people choose to bring in their lion’s mane supplements!

These special qualities can help you tackle those pesky problems that usually snatch away your peaceful sleep and support the functions of your brain for a super rejuvenating sleep. Give yourself some steam to get through the day with lion’s mane, and you’ll be ready for bed by nighttime.


Cordyceps is known as the “Olympic mushroom”. It has beneficial compounds which can support athletic performance and endurance, and thanks to its adaptogenic properties, it can also help you assist the body in adapting to occasional stress and maintaining balance. 

Cordyceps are also rich in a compound called cordycepin. Cordycepin is responsible for many of the supportive qualities of Cordyceps, including supporting healthy energy within normal ranges. This can help you be at a ‘constant speed’ throughout the day, and help you finish your day with a deserved rest.

Studies show that cordyceps help regulate your circadian rhythm and inner biological clock which helps people recover from jet lag quicker. It also works to energize us through our natural ATP process meaning our bodies are naturally regulated to be active during the day and then naturally wind down at the end of the day

How To Buy Mushrooms For Sleep?

You don’t have to eat mushrooms to get their benefits, you know. You can choose a supplement to help you get your daily dose of mushrooms for sleep without overdoing it with the mushroom recipes. Let’s explore some of the best mushroom supplements.


If you don’t like tablet-form supplements, gummies are your best friend. They come in delicious flavors; you can chew them like a gummy bear or soft sweet. Gummies are the most fun and convenient way to take your mushroom supplements.

Keep some handy in your car, handbag, or bedside table to remember to take them every day, and you’re all set. Many gummies contain the benefits of more than one mushroom in a mushroom blend. These blends contain mushroom extracts designed to provide specific benefits.

For instance, Mushroom Revival offers calm blend gummies designed to bring about feelings of relaxation for a restful sleep. Packed with reishi mushroom extract and tasty flavorings like tapioca syrup, these gummies are the perfect calming treat for the end of a bustling day.


mushroom tincture is a versatile way to get your daily dose of mushrooms for sleep. It uses pressed and steamed mushroom extracts and comes in a small bottle with a little pipette. You can place a few drops of the tincture under your tongue using this pipette.

This is the fastest method to getting your mushroom benefits, as plenty of blood vessels are underneath your tongue, and the extract will enter your bloodstream quickly. You can also place a few drops of the tincture into any food or beverage you enjoy. Try using it in your smoothie, protein shake, tea, or juice. It’s effortless to squeeze your daily mushroom extract into your diet with a tincture.


Are you a frequent gym-goer? Do you like a regular morning protein shake or smoothie? Then a mushroom powder is the perfect addition to your morning routine. Simply use it to add the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms to your favorite oatmeal, smoothie, or shake. It works like your protein powder – better with plenty of liquid and a good old shake!


Want a quick, no-muss, no-fuss supplement to support sleepFunctional mushroom capsules are the best choice if you are constantly on the go. You can put them in your purse, pocket, or car and take them to work with your favorite drink. It’s really that simple!

If you’re looking to remedy your sleep deprivation and get a better night’s sleep, then the Mushroom Revival calm capsules are likely the right choice. It’ll help you feel more relaxed throughout the day and have no trouble finding your zzzs at bedtime.

Mushrooms for Sleep - Mushroom Revival - Calm Reishi Mushroom Capsules


Are you ready to ride the wave and get some sweet dreams? Now you know all about the fantastic properties of functional mushrooms, it’s time to get your mushroom on and invest in some supplements.