TS Meaning In Text

“TS” stands for “That Sh#t.”

What does TS mean?

Someone saying “TS” is saying “That Sh#t.” They might use the TS abbreviation when they are trying to shorten a text message and using it in context. For example, a friend might say, “Are you seriously going to put up with TS!?”

Abbreviation Meaning Emotion
TS That Sh#t Emotive / Expressive
Safe for work Safe for children
No No
Snapchat meaning Instagram meaning
That Sh#t That Sh#t
Year it began trending Primary community
2015 Social media and text messaging

Examples and other meanings

  • “I’m really not going to be putting up with TS anymore!”
    • Emotion: Informative
    • Intention: A person might say “TS” in context when they are referring to the act of someone giving up on taking “heat” from the other person.
  • “TS is super lame. Just so you know!”
    • Emotion: Emotive
    • Intention: A person might say “TS” if they are thinking about expressing challenge or difficulty about a situation. And using it as a form of saying they are frustrated.

Popularity over time